What is National Engineer Register in Engineers Australia?

national engineer register

Table of Content

  • What is national engineer register?
  • Why should you register with NER Australia, the national engineering register?
  • Eligible criteria for NER Engineer Australia
  • NER Engineers Australia Content
  • Area of Practice of national engineer register
  • General Area of Practice of NER
  • Special area of practice of NER
  • Application Process for National Engineer register
  • Required Documents for NER registration
  • Referees
  • Assessment Fees
  • Additional Area of practice fee

What is national engineer register?

The National Engineer Register (NER) is for engineers who want to demonstrate their knowledge, expertise, and experience to the Australian engineering community. National Engineering Register is a platform created by Engineers Australia enabling professionals to showcase their skills.

You will thus have the opportunity to grow in their jobs. Therefore, if you’re interested in becoming a member of the National Directory of Engineers, this article will provide you with all the information you want on the requirements, benefits, practice areas, and other crucial features of the National Engineering Register Australia

Why should you register with NER Australia, the national engineering register?

The National Engineer Register is recognized as a symbol of quality and expertise throughout Australia. Regardless of whether you registered in this directory, your information will be included to a public database that the general public may view.

By doing this, you can be sure that the engineering industries will acknowledge you as a qualified engineer with the necessary academic qualifications, professional experience, and abilities.

The National Engineering Registry is distinct from other directories of specialized practice areas maintained by the government. Employers can choose qualified engineers for their company by using the data in this registry, which has a wide range of uses. It’s a method for skilled and talented engineers to advance in the engineering world.

Eligible criteria for NER Engineer Australia

For engineers to register with the NER, National Engineer Register Australia imposes strict qualifying standards. There are the following requirements:

  1. The candidates should hold the necessary credentials.
  2. The candidates must to have appropriate professional background.
  3. The candidates should pledge to act ethically.
  4. The candidates must maintain a CPD.
  5. The candidates must be eligible for PI insurance.

NER Engineers Australia Content

The following details about the engineers are found in the National Engineering Register:

  • Full Name of the Engineer
  • Post-nominal of Engineers Australia membership
  • Australian State or Territories (for overseas members – country and postcode)
  • Postal code and suburb’s name (Australian Residents)
  • Employment Category
  • The Practice Areas

Area of Practice of NER

The engineering career in which your knowledge and activities are linked is shown in an applicant’s Areas of Practice. Your official and informal education, as well as your professional experience, heavily influence your fields of practice.

The engineering specialization in which a candidate’s experience and work are appropriate is shown by their Areas of Practice. The applicant’s fields of practice are determined by their academic and informal education, as well as their professional experience.

General Area of Practice of NER

Aerospace Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering


Electrical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Information, telecommunication and electronics engineering

Mechanical engineering

Structural Engineering


Special area of practice of NER

Amusement rides and devices in services inspection

Building service engineering

Fire safety engineering

Heritage and conservation engineering


Leadership and management

Naval Architecture

Oil and Gas pipeline engineering

Petroleum engineering

Pressure equipment design verification


Application Process for NER register

Step 1: Create account in EA portal

Step 2: To evaluate your performance in relation to the NER competencies and apply for NER, log in and complete the online self-assessment form.

Step 3: Obtain two credible references who can verify to your most recent employment.

Step 4: Have a NER interview with an Engineers Australia assessor who is qualified.

Step 5: Obtain your notice of the result. You’ll be automatically enrolled in the NER if you’re successful.

Required Documents for NER registration

For Members

The required scanned document if you are member of Engineers Australia are as follows:

  • An expanded resume that lists your major accomplishments and the projects you have been in charge of. This should cover the challenges, opportunities, and circumstances you’ve encountered. The specialized knowledge or abilities you employed and the results obtained. Include any steps you made to remedy issues as well. Point out instances in which you have been innovative and creative.
  • Evidence of CPD.

For Non Members

The required document if you are not the member of Engineers Australia are as follows:

  • An enhanced resume highlighting your most significant successes and the projects you have been in charge of. Included here should be instances, challenges, and chances you’ve encountered. Your application of specialized knowledge or abilities and the results you got. Include any corrective measures you took as well. Declare your innovative and creative moments.
  • Color scanned copy of your photo identification. You can use a passport or driver’s license.
  • A transcripts from a degree that has been approved by Engineers Australia are examples of evidence of your recognized qualifications. An Engineers Australia membership competency or migration skills assessment outcome letter can also be used.
  • Evidence of continuing professional development statement.


You must also provide the names and contact information for two referees who can verify for your most recent employment with the company in your application. The requirement of the referees are:

  • Engineers having at least five years of post-graduate engineering experience, registered on the NER, or Chartered members of Engineers Australia are preferred.
  • Someone with whom you have recently shared a professional connection.
  • Someone familiar with your job and the experience you’re citing as evidence for your own evaluation.
  • Someone who is in the same engineering practice area for which you are applying for registration.

Each of your referees will hear from an assessor to talk about you and your background.

Assessment Fees

The NER uses a yearly membership model for registration, with differing costs for members and non-members.

The cost for the competency assessment are:

EA Members

$351.45 (including GST)

For the remaining months of the current membership year, the fee includes registration on the NER. After the first year, members must pay a $110 renewal fee (including GST) to be on the NER. Along with your yearly EA membership fee, the charge is paid.

 Non EA

$590 (including GST)

Registration on the NER for the remaining months of the current fiscal year is included in the fee. After the first year, non-members must continue to pay a yearly charge of $180 (including GST) to use the NER.

Additional Area of practice fee

Apply through the EA portal if you’re currently on the NER and wish to add a new practice area. Members must pay $351.45 to add another area of practice (including GST).

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