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  4. Why do you need Career Episode report Writing Service?
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Want an effective career episode report writing format to prepare CE report for your Competency Demonstration report? 

We at CDR Writers know the difficulty in preparing career episodes without any proper guidance. So here we are to guide you preparing your career episode on your own.

Career Episode Report Writing is a crucial step for writing a successful CDR which is required by EA to judge whether your engineering skills match the Australian standard or not.

Engineers Australia recognizes three occupational categories for Skilled Migration. To migrate to Australia, candidates have to fall under one of these categories.

  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate
  • Professional Engineers

The career episode writing is the most important part of CDR to show your engineering competence, knowledge, and abilities to Engineers Australia. EA wants three career episode reports to prepare CDR report from applicants.

To write a career episode, one has to choose a particular project related to their academic and career and needs to elaborate to show how the engineers use specific competencies to handle that project.

Career Episode Report Writing

Might be you are confused about what exactly is Career Episode?

Career Episode is one of the important parts of the Competency Demonstration Report that explains your academic qualification and working experience in the field of engineering to the EA.

While preparing a Competency Demonstration  Report applicants need to prepare three career episodes which are specially based on three specific engineering projects they have completed on a certain period of time. You must include detailed information on technical and other skills in your career episode report, which are applied to the described project. Also must mention your professional competencies in your career episode report writing.

Career Episode is written based  on the following activities:
  • An engineering task was completed during undergraduate or graduate courses.
  • A project you are working on in your working place during the beginning of your career.
  • Any particular engineering position or innovation you are working on
career episode report

How to Write Career Episode for engineers Australia?

While preparing your career episode for EA, you must have to focus on the instruction i.e given below and submit all the required information:

Career Episode must be written well in the English language, in your own words so that Engineers Australia assessor will be able to know your communication skills.

Make sure not to include too many technical materials which might be the reason for CDR rejection. Also, it is

highly recommended that every report must be at least 1000 and not exceed of 2500 words.

Each career episode should highlight any engineering issue identified by you and the procedure you applied to solve a specific problem. The motivation behind this is to evaluate your engineering knowledge, skills and capabilities.

Each career episode must highlight a personal role i.e  what you did in that project rather than what your team did.

You should use first-person language.

Give more importance to the engineering methods that you used to solve the problems.

Number each paragraph in each career episode. This is needed for the construction of the Summary Statement. Here below are the point i.e suggested under Career Episode Reports:

Career Episode 1(paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc)

Career Episode 2(paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc)

Career Episode 3(paragraphs 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 etc)

career episode report

4  Effective Career Episode Format

Engineers Australia required Career episode is divided into four sections i.e  Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering Activity, and Summary Statement. Each of these four sections should be written differently and should contain specific details.

1. Introduction

The Introduction section of the career episode  for engineers Australia should be approximately 100 words. The content of the introduction section should be in chronological order.

  • Date and Duration of career episode
  • The geographical location where it happened.
  • The name of the organization or institute
  • The title of the position occupied by you.


The background section of the career episode  provides information on the activities you have been involved or working in. You should write this section around 200 to 500 words.

This section should contain:

  • The nature and objective of the overall engineering projects.
  • The nature of the particular work area you were involved with.
  • A chart of the organizational structure which highlights your position in the organization at the time.
  • A statement or appointment letter of your duties you received

3. Personal Engineering Activity

This section of the career episode report is the body of the narrative where you include all the detailed information you have done such a what you did and how you did in it. In this section, you must include what you personally did rather than what your team did because this is a personal competency assessment.

You should provide a detailed description on

  • How you applied your engineering knowledge and skills in the project.
  • The task that was given to you and how you achieved them
  • Any specific technical issue you face and the way you solve them
  • Procedure and solution developed by you using your original and unique section.
  • How you work with other teammates in a team.

4. Summary

The summary last section of the career episode should be  50 to 100 words long.

  • You should mention your impression of the engineering activity and your job in it.
  • You can also mention whether your project met goals or not.

Why do you need Career Episode Report Writing Service?


Career Episode writing is one of the most crucial steps to prepare an effective CDR report for Engineers Australia. It is an crucial opportunity for an engineer to show their skills, knowledge and abilities that is required by engineers Australia for skilled migration visa through the Career Episode Report. 

EA test your talent as an engineer, before giving you to live and work as a skilled engineer in Australia. EA creates the CDR report needed to submit to evaluate the skills and abilities of engineers relocating to Australia.

The Competency Demonstration Report(CDR) includes three Career Episode Report that is must crucial in demonstrating your engineering skills and abilities from your academic engineering program. 

Through the career episode report, EA collect all the information about the candidate’s degree of engineering skills and capabilities. As a result, to approve skilled migration to Australia by EA, a well-prepared career episode is an absolute requirement.

Career Episode Writing Service

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