10 Most Common CDR Report Mistakes for Skill Assessment

Want to know common CDR report mistakes before preparing a report? We know how confusing it might be to write an effective report without any proper guidance. This is the reason we at CDR Writers guide you to avoid CDR report mistakes you need to avoid while preparing. A CDR report is a set of documents that indicates an engineer’s qualifications, abilities, experience, and competence. To move to Australia and work as an engineer, you must have to pass Engineers Australia’s Skills Assessment Test.

Hundreds of applications get rejected each year as there are many CDR report mistakes made by applicants.

Minor mistakes in reports can lead to poor evaluation outcomes; candidates were prohibited for a year in some situations. Furthermore, you may lose your chances of pursuing a successful join if you make mistakes.
We at CDR Writers recognize that you might be a candidate from a prestigious field. And you may believe that preparing a CDR report is simple. In this instance making a CDR report is a difficult task.

As a result, you have to write your Competency Demonstration report very carefully. You can also read a migration skill assessment booklet published by Engineers Australia to properly understand what goes inside a CDR report, including structure, episodes, language, word count, and many other elements.

If you are getting confused about writing a CDR report and afraid of getting a rejection, then you can always opt for CDR Writers. CDR Writers prepare high-quality CDR report writing services so that your application gets accepted at the first attempt.
Here we have listed some of the CDR report mistakes made when preparing the CDR report.

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10 Common CDR Report Mistakes Made by Applicants for Skill Assessment

10 Common CDR Report Mistakes Made by Applicants for Skill Assessment
1. Copied CDR Report from the Internet

Might be getting so many CDR reports available on the internet. But it is there for reference purposes only. Copying CDR reports from the internet or any plagiarism found in your CDR report might reject your application for the Skills Assessment Test. Authorities of the Skills Assessment Test are highly skilled and professional at their jobs and maintain such criteria to evaluate your application. They quickly find out that the report is not original and distinctive.

If your content is found copied from others, then you might potentially face a year’s suspension, and then it will be extremely tough for you to reappear.

So, you should never submit a plagiarized CDR report. The CDR sample found on the internet is for educational purposes only.

2. CDR in different Language Other than English

Engineer Australia requires that you deliver your CDR report fully in Australian English. CDR in a different language other than English is a big no. You must translate your report to English if you have composed your career episode in a language other than English since Engineers Australia may not review your CDR if they don’t understand it.

A CDR report is a common mistake while preparing a CDR report. If you are not an expert in the English language, then you can hire expert CDR Writers.

3. Grammatical, Spelling Errors and Report Formatting

When you submit your report to Engineers Australia, you deliver a formal document that a professional should have created. As a result, you must pay great attention to your report formatting, spelling grammar, and sentence flow.

So, while submitting your report to the EA, ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors, formatting problems, and sentence flow problems. They are the major concerns that are frequently overlooked.

4. False Information

One of the main CDR report mistakes made by engineers is that they use false content such as counterfeit projects, credentials, experience, or any other sort of false information to enhance their chances of passing the Skill Assessment Test.

So avoid utilizing such mistakes as this is a violation of rules, which may lead to the rejection of the report and strong action being taken against you if it is shown to be untrue.

So the most important fact is to avoid using any fact that you would be unable to back up if questioned by Engineers Australian.

5. Lack of Information

Mentioning less information like duration, address, company profile, and objective in the report might also be the reason for CDR report rejection. Duration, Address, Company profile, and objective must be included and presented in chronological order in your report.

As part of your education certification, you must choose a decent project and include it in your CDR report. If you are not able to include your project or your project objective does not satisfy the criteria, then it might have hampered your application and your CDR report got rejected.

 To provide accurate and sufficient information in a CDR report so that your application gets accepted.

6. Word Count

Engineers Australia specifies the number of words that should be written in each part of CDR reports. The word limit for each career episode must be at least 1000 words long and not more than 2500 words long. Providing extra details and lengthening your career episodes can lead to CDR rejection.

As a result, you must include only the essential information and address it within a limited word to meet all the requirements of Engineer Australia standards.

7. Use of Excessive Technical Details

It’s okay to include some technical information in your report, but including too many technical details such as tables, excessive calculations, charts, pictures, etc. on each report can degrade your CDR report. A CDR report is an official document that is meant to be written by skilled and knowledgeable writers without excessive use of technical details.

That’s why a CDR report must include essential information rather than long and elaborated information. Using excessive technical details is one of the common CDR report mistakes made by applicants.

8. Breaking down one project into two career Episode

While preparing a career episode, many applicants make the error of dividing the same project into two pieces and including each portion in its career episode. According to the Engineers Australia requirement, you must include one complete project in each career episode.

Here, let’s see an example.

A Mechanical Engineer created her career episode based on her work completed during her engineering course in the seventh and eighth semesters. The main objective of this project was to develop the Construction and Development of Multi Storey Architecture.

When she was in the seventh semester, she completed her first project. The project included formulating a research question, developing a research strategy, designing, and selecting methods, and writing a research proposal. As a result, she must have talked about this project in her first Career Episode.

In the eight-semester, you complete the second project. The project goals were to include a literature review, data collection, design of a multi storey building, selecting material, observing the result, and preparing a final report.

Even though these two projects had separate grades and were completed for different goals during her academic career. But Engineers Australia considers them to be the elements of the same project because she completed both projects to modeling and construction of Multi Story Building.

Engineers Australia views your project as a single project that you completed in your seventh and eighth semesters.

9. Lack of Problem Statement

This is one of the major reasons for rejecting the CDR report. You have to make sure to include problem statements and measures you took to solve them in your career episode report. 

10. Mention only Your experiences.

The CDR report is all about mentioning you and your working experience activities. Even if it is a group project or what you must have to include your contribution and experience to the project on your report. Never mention your whole team in your report.

Engineers Australia is only going to assess your skill but not your whole team. So always keep in mind while preparing the CDR report you only have to mention your contribution and participation in the project.


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How to Avoid These Mistakes in Your CDR Report?

Avoiding these common CDR report mistakes is essential for a successful skill assessment. To ensure a well-prepared and error-free CDR report, consider the following tips:

  • Thorough research: Familiarize yourself with the Engineers Australia guidelines and competency standards.
  • Seek guidance: Consult with professional CDR writing services to get expert assistance and feedback on your report.
  • Originality: Avoid plagiarism and ensure that your CDR report reflects your unique experiences and achievements.
  • Proofreading: Double-check your report for any errors, inconsistencies, or omissions. Consider seeking the help of a professional editor for a thorough review.

Overview of 10 Most Common CDR Report Mistakes for skill assessment

In conclusion, the journey towards a successful Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) submission for skill assessment is not without its challenges. This discussion has shed light on the ten most prevalent mistakes that applicants often make during this critical process. By being aware of these pitfalls and taking the necessary steps to address them, you can greatly increase your chances of a positive outcome. Remember to carefully review your CDR report for errors, ensure it aligns with the guidelines provided by Engineers Australia, and showcase your skills and experiences effectively. 

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Q. What happens if your CDR report gets rejected?

Are you worried right? Thinking about what happens if your CDR is rejected By Engineers Australia? Nowadays engineer Australia rejection rate is high as we can clearly see your assessor check CDR report in detail due to high expectation of quality career episodes. 

If your CDR report is not written and cannot meet engineers Australia guidelines standard then EA can easily refuse the skill assessment.

After rejection EA might ban you for 12 months from reapplying for the migration skill assessment if they find out engineers did not have met the standard.

Q. How to submit a CDR Report to Engineers Australia?

Engineers can first log on to Engineers Australia’s my Portal homepage to access the online services. Then click on the menu on the top right hand side of the screen and select Migration Skill Assessment. You will then be able to start saving your resume and submit your application. After submitting your application, you will get an email notification including your EA ID number and application number confirming successful submission of your application.