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rpl report for acs australia

Table Of Contents:

  1. What is RPL Reports?
  2. Who need ACS RPL Report
  3. How to Apply For ACS Skill Assessment
  4. Important Tips To Write The Best RPL Report For ACS
  5. Why Should I Hire CDR Writers To Write My RPL Reports For ACS Australia Immigration?

Planning to immigrate to Australia and want to make your career in a field related to ICT and don’t have any degree of ICT or you are from a completely different background, then the Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL) report is the best way for you to achieve your migration dream!!

The Australia Computer Society (ACS) skill assessment give really a good chance for the candidates to show their skills, knowledge and capabilities through their RPL report.  ACS provided this chance even if you don’t have the required ICT degree and are not from the ICT background.

Let’s talk about What is RPL report?

What is RPL Report?

Recognition Prior Learning is a report written to ACS by those willing to migrate to Australia and want to continue with their career in the field of ICT but do not hold a degree of ICT or are from other unrelated backgrounds.

RPL for ACS Australia immigration is an skill assessment process that is undertaken by Australian Computer Society to evaluate applicants skills,  knowledge, and capabilities, is gained either from formal or informal learning.

The purpose of the RPL report or ACS skill Assessment is to provide the opportunity to the applicants to demonstrate that they have acquired an equivalent level of knowledge without an ICT qualification.

Applicants can achieve this by mentioning many different areas that is referred to in the document, The ACS Core Body of Knowledge for ICT Professionals(CBOK) they have considered are covered by their acquired knowledge.

The applicants need to submit the reports on two projects as proof of their knowledge standards.

You need to submit your two project reports that you have completed in the RPL application for ACS- Australian Computer Society(ACS)  Recognition of Prior Learning Form.

Candidates each report must provide the detailed information about your career and work history with sufficient details of evidence while applying the claimed ICT knowledge in a working situation.

Who Needs the ACS RPL Report?

Here we have mentioned two different categories of RPL report applicants for ACS :

Applicants who have a non ICT degree qualification must hold a minimum of 6 years of experience as an expert ICT employee in a field related to the nominated occupation ANZSCO code.

Applicants who don’t have higher education need to have other 2 years of experience in the ICT background but the other years do not need to be relevant to the ANZSCO code.

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Skilled Migration To Australia

How to apply for ACS skill assessment?

If you are willing to apply for skilled migration to Australia, then you are required to follow all the guidelines provided by ACS well.

At first, you need to go through your visa requirements and check the ANZSCO code information handbook to see which occupational category your work is closely related to.

After that, you have to fill the online application on the official site. Even if you have an insufficient content in your tertiary qualification, the Australian Computer Society will still allow you to apply for skill assessment if you already have 6 years of experience in a related field.

Also if you don’t have any of your tertiary qualification then you need to submit your own RPL report and have to mention that you have working experience of related 8years.

The below steps need to be fulfilled if you want to apply for skill assessment in ACS for skilled migration to Australia.

  1. Get skill assessment which is done ACS body online.
  2. Need to prepare for PTE examination.
  3. Submit your Expression of Interest(EOI)
  4. Wait for ITA
  5. After receiving your ITA, get your Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) and medical done.
  6. Have to pay your visa fee.

For RPL skill assessment, applicants need to submit two projects through the ACS project report form. In your one report, you should mention the project that is undertaken in the last three years. Whereas in another report, the project that is undertaken in the last five years. The various parameter for RPL for ACS, which should be considered for ACS Skill mentioned below.

  1. The topology of the network is based on size and installed secure facilities.
  2. Quality Assurance and Project Management techniques are used.
  3. The candidate contributes to the process of design and implementation.
  4. The methodologies used in system analysis and design.
  5. The different methods used in file and database design and management.
  6. The programming language and various procedures used for design paradigms.

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Important Tips to Write the Best RPL Report For ACS

According to ACS, you need to submit two project reports to write a complete RPL report for ACS Skill Assessment. The following tips must have been considered while writing an RPL project report.

  • You need to begin with a wise selection of your project. You can select the one that makes it simple to demonstrate your skills and knowledge as provided in any of the ANZSCO codes you wish to apply.
  • You should mention your project details, the name you choose, an affiliated company, and the assigned role in that project.
  • You should clearly describe your roles and responsibilities. You have to write in a way that highlights your plus points.
  • You should clearly mention the method you use in each project’s System Analysis and Design Phase.
  • You should clearly highlight the programming skills by mentioning the programming language you use in the project.
  • Clearly mention the database management techniques used in the project.
  • You should give the description of the nature and scope of the responsibilities and competencies as both of them are related to ICT Management
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