Professional Occupations

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Confirm your credentials and experience

In the process of recognizing professional jobs upon arrival in Australia, a Skills Assessment is an essential component of the process. It will assess whether or not you possess the knowledge and skills necessary to operate in the occupation that you are applying for in Australia.

Credentials and Experience Confirmation

VETASSESS Professional Occupations include

Science and Agriculture Discover your ideal career from a vast selection of over 170 positions in the fields of science and agriculture,

Arts and Education Select your career path from our extensive list of over 110 professions in the fields of arts and education,

Business and Finance Select your occupation from a diverse array of more than 30 meticulously assessed roles in the realms of business

Construction and Manufacturing Begin on a journey through a wide spectrum of career paths within the construction and manufacturing industries. Our team

Hospitality and Retail An evaluation of your trade skills is essential if you wish to immigrate to Australia. In order to successfully