How long should a CDR report be?

How long should a CDR report be

Australia has opened its borders to skilled immigrants. All qualified experts have the chance to demonstrate their abilities in this situation. People who want to move to Australia to obtain permanent residency are eligible to apply for a Migration Skill Assessment. Competency evaluations are carried out by Engineers Australia, a recognized organization dedicated to providing skilled immigrants with employment possibilities in Australia. Engineering students who have completed their academic requirements at any approved institution are not obliged to submit a CDR report. Candidates without authorization from the Dublin, Sydney, or Washington accords will be required to submit this report. Submission is just the after-effect, so while preparing CDR, one should prepare the strategy, like how long should a CDR report be?

One of the main reasons engineers look for help with CDR writing is the precision needed while creating a report. According to the rules and regulations of the Engineers Australia committee, any engineer who intends to submit a successful immigration application to Australia must abide by the requirements of finishing a CDR report and timely submitting it.

Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) booklet

The first step is downloading the MSA handbook from the Engineers Australia website. After that, reading the portions of the MSA booklet listed below will assume you already know the CDR path is the best one for you:

Based on the appropriate occupational category for Australian immigration, the CDR should be created. Suppose you wish to apply to become a professional engineer, for instance. In that case, you must have a four-year Australian Bachelor’s degree in engineering from a university after completing 12 years of education or a comparable program. A description of what professional engineers are often expected to do is also provided.



Refer to your ANZSCO code and its description before creating your CDR Report. The majority of ANZSCO code descriptions are given in depth by our specialists. Your ANZSCO code selection must be closely related to your industry of employment.

A CDR report: what is it?

A technique for assessing candidates whose credentials are not accepted by the Washington, Sydney, or Dublin Accords is the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). The main goal of the CDR Report is to show how much talent, talent, knowledge, and knowledge one needs to have to be evaluated for a skilled professional position in any region of the country. Through this process, applicants can also get permanent residency.

Writing a CDR requires a lot of time and effort because every fact that you include must be accurate. For the evaluation of migration skills, a thorough CDR Report is necessary. The submission to Engineers Australia must contain the following components:

  • Academic records in high-quality copies
  • Results of the Language Proficiency Test (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE)
  • An updated resume
  • Continuous Professional Development(CPD)
  • 3 Career episodes
  • Summary Statement

Documents that are submitted with the CDR Report

  • Updated Passport Size Photo
  • Mention the page of your passport with your photo and description
  • Academic Degree Certificate
  • Complete the official academic transcript
  • Latest CV or Resume
  • English Proficiency Test Results like IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL iBT
  • Name Change if applicable
  • Professional Registration Certificate, if applicable
  • Documentary Evidences of Employment mentioned in Career Episodes

CDR report length for each section:

1. Career Episode

A CDR report can only be completed once three career episodes have been finished. This section highlights your engineering-related academic and professional experience. It would help if you concentrated on a different engineering topic in each career episode. You must describe how your engineering skills and knowledge will help you apply for the job. 

Format of Career Episode and total length required


The introduction of the career episode should take up the first 150 words. Your employee name, the beginning and conclusion dates of your employment, and the origin of your relevant experience should all be highlighted in your career episode.


The first 150 words of the career episode should be included in the introduction. The company name, the beginning and end dates of your career episode, and the place where you first gained this type of experience should all be underlined.

  • The scope of the engineering project as a whole
  • The project’s objectives
  • The specifics of your assignment.
  • An organizational structure illustration indicates your position about the career episode.
  • A list of your obligations (provide an official duty statement where available)  

           iii.)Personal Engineering Activity

  • This section should include accomplishments and specifics of the project in a word count of 600 to 1500. 
  • Since this is a personal competency assessment, you should concentrate on what you did rather than what your team did. It would help if you gave an in-depth illustration of each of the following:
  • You will contribute your engineering knowledge and skills to the project.
  • The tasks you were given and how you completed them
  • Any particular technical challenges you encountered, and how you overcame them?
  • You developed techniques and answers based on your work.
  • Describe your experiences as a team player. It would help employees select you based on your team-working capabilities.


It concludes all of the topics covered in the earlier paragraphs. It contains between 50 and 150 words, including

  • A fitting ending to what you accomplished for the assignment.
  • How the project helps you fulfill your goals or needs.
  • Description of your project’s roles and duties.

2. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Keep abreast with advancements in your engineering profession with the aid of CPD. All elements of your postgraduate studies and any supplemental data should be included in your CPD, which should be completed in a tabular format. One A4 writing sheet with this section’s recommended word count of 1500 should do. Because of this, your CPD writing must be precise and explicitly meet the requirements.

 3. Summary Statement

All three of your career incidents are examined in the summary statement. The total word count for this section needs to be around 1500. Your competency-related elements and your career episodes will be cross-referenced in the summary statement. The summary statement form is conveniently available for your listed occupation. It’s okay to limit your summary statement to one page. Be sure to cover every element of your career episode. Additionally, each of your three career episodes requires one summary statement.

In conclusion, the word count of your CDR report will range from 6000 to 6800. We advise applicants who need clarification about where to start to seek professional advice. You may rely on our service because our staff is already aware of the CDR report. Until you achieve success, we will support you every step of the way.

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