Ultimate Guide to 190 Tasmania Visa - Easy PR in Australia

Easy PR in Australia

Tasmania, a small island on the south-eastern side of mainland Australia is one of the most iconic places in Australia. With mesmerizing landscapes and a touch of, it is as if Picasso painted it. With many people wanting to work in Australia, many immigrants consider Tasmania to be an apt place to live and work.

The job market for engineers in Tasmania is strong, with many vacancies available. The average salary for an engineer in Tasmania is around $110,269 per year. With growth and stability this high, anyone with an engineering background can easily apply for 190 tasmania visa.

In this blog, we will cover how you can get a working visa in Tasmania. Discover its eligibility, requirements and application process for the Tasmania Visa – Subclass 190. Well first, Isn’t ‘Subclass 190’ a confusing term? We will simplify this for you, and that too in plain English! 

What is Tasmania Subclass 190 Visa?

The Tasmania Subclass 190 Visa is a permanent residency visa offered by the Government of Tasmania. It allows people to live and work in Tasmania. It is also referred to as ‘190 tas’ and ‘190 Tasmania Visa’. 

This visa is a part of GSM – ‘General Skilled Migration’ visa program, with intent to easily provide Australian PR to people with engineering skills.

Now we look at the eligibility and requirements for this visa.

Eligibility Criteria for Tasmania Visa



Age Requirement

Applicants must be under the age of 45 at the time of applying.

Occupation Requirement

Applicants can only apply for occupations listed on the Tasmania Onshore Skilled Occupation List (TOSOL).

The occupation and pathway can be selected from TOSOL based on skills, qualifications, and work experience.

Skills Assessment

Obtaining a positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia is mandatory. Your ‘CDR skill assessment should have a positive outcome.

This assessment verifies the suitability of skills and qualifications for the nominated occupation.

English Language Proficiency

Applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency by taking either the IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training test.

How to get Visa Subclass 190 for Tasmania Visa?

Go to Subclass 190 and follow the steps listed in the image below to easily get a Tasmania Visa

Subclass 190 Visa Process

SkillSelect is Australia’s online visa application system for skilled workers, where you can select your pathway and occupations. As the Australian Government is filling for a lot of job positions in the post-pandemic market, it is a great time to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for a chance to work in Australia.

Job Opportunities in Tasmania

Tasmania offers a variety of engineering job opportunities, with a strong focus on the following sectors:

Mining and resources

A lot of metallic minerals are mined in Tasmania such as copper, zinc, tin, and gold. And also rare earth elements have been discovered in Tasmania. This has led to a demand for engineers in the mining sector, particularly in the areas of mine planning, design, and construction. 


Tasmania is a major tourist place which has been going through a period of significant infrastructure improvements, which has created opportunities for engineers in the construction sector. This includes projects such as the Hobart City Deal, the Tasman Bridge, and the Launceston to Devonport Bass Highway Corridor. This has increased the opportunity for civil engineers


Tasmania is a major producer of hydroelectricity. More than 29 hydropower generation plants are located in Tasmania. There are also a lot of wind power plants, with talks about more wind farm projects. This has led to a huge demand for engineers in the energy sector, particularly in the areas of power generation, transmission, and distribution.

Finding a job in Tasmania is as easy as drinking a cup of tea, there are a number of resources available to help you find a position. These include online job boards and government websites.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is PR easy in Tasmania?

Yes, getting a PR is easy in Tasmania, if you follow the right steps. The ‘Tasmania 190 skilled graduate pathway’ is a straightforward way to get PR for an engineer.

What is Tasmania 190 nomination processing time?

Processing time for a ‘Tasmania 190 nomination’ is currently around 6 to 8 months but it can vary depending on a lot of factors, such as the workload of Engineers Australia, or any complexities in your application.

I have completed my engineering from Tasmania and completed a course which is listed on CRICOS. Am I eligible for a 190 visa?

Yes, you are eligible for a 190 visa through the Tasmanian Skilled Graduate Pathway. To be eligible, these are the conditions: 

  • You have lived in Tasmania for at least two years during your studies.
  • Your course/institution is recognized by CRICOS – Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students

You can check the CRICOS database to see if your institution or course is approved. Then you can apply for a 190 visa through the Tasmanian Skilled Graduate Pathway.

Is Tasmania good for immigrants?

Tasmania is a welcoming place for immigrants and there are a number of government incentives to help new arrivals settle in. It is also a beautiful place to live, with a comfortable lifestyle and a friendly neighborhood.


190 Tasmania, is a skill-based nominated visa program by the Australian Government to help immigrants migrate to Tasmania – an island of Australia. Tasmania is a major tourism hub and a large energy- producing state. This has led to a lot of demands in various engineering fields in Tasmania, primarily electrical, civil and mechanical. So, engineers who want to work and live in Tasmania can do so by applying for Tasmania 190 Subclass visa. But some limitations like age bar and English language proficiency are criterias subdued by the Tasmanian Government for immigrants. If immigrants match these criterias they can go for the visa process which is detailed above.