What is Skilled Employment For RPL Reports?

Skilled Employment for RPL Reports

An employment opportunity with at least 20 hours per week and payable can be considered for skill evaluation purposes.The task must be conducted at the degree of depth and complexity of the job.

The salary should be reflected on the degree of expertise necessary. Remember that your unpaid or partially paid leave or volunteer work should not be considered as paid work at the required skill level for a particular occupation.

After fulfilling the ACS eligibility requirements, the employment will be recorded as skilled employment and will be eligible for migration points. Your work experience will not be considered eligible for migration points.

Reference Letter Sample Format For Employee

Applicants’ work experience must be professional and skilled and related to the chosen job for migration skills assessment to be judged acceptable.

The following are the employment reference letter rule to follow:

1.Date of Employment

Candidates have to write the start and end date of their employment period. The date format should be written in a specific DD/MM/YYYY format.

2.Job Employment Position

Candidates have to mention the employment position they were assigned in. Also, details on whom you have worked under must be mentioned in your reference letter.

3.Roles And Responsibilities

All the duties which reflect your personal work and how much you have learned in the workplace till the date must be mentioned clearly.

4.Specify the Work Hours

You should clearly mention the total working hours per week in each of your employment periods whether it’s a part-time job or full-time job.

5.Country Of Employment

Make sure you have located the address where the work has been done. You have to submit an organization letterhead signed by an authorized individual.

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