Free Fast-Track Skill Assessment for Migrant Engineers in Australia

free fast-track skill assessment

Free Fast-Track Skill Assessment for Migrant Engineers

Engineers Australia has introduced a limited-time offer of free fast-track skills assessments for migration visa applicants. Now is the time to claim the offer and fulfill your dream of getting an Australian Migration Visa. Until 30th June 2023, Engineers Australia(EA) is offering free fast-track skills assessments for migrant engineers in Australia. Even if you are not eligible for free fast-track skills assessment, you can still fast-track your application. We will explain all these parts in the blog in detail. 

But first, let’s delve into the basics.

What is Australian Migration Visa?

Australian Migration Visa(s) are different types of visas given by the Australian Government Bodies (Engineers Australia) to migrants who want to stay and work in Australia indefinitely. There are different types of visas, each with its own eligibility and requirements. Some of them are:

  • Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189): This visa is for skilled workers who are not sponsored by an Australian employer or family member. Applicants must obtain a minimum of 65 points on the SkillSelect points test to be eligible for this visa.
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190): This visa is for skilled workers who are nominated by a state or territory government. They have the same eligibility requirements as for the Skilled Independent Visa, but they must also be nominated by a state or territory government.
  • Skilled Visa (subclass 491): This visa is also for skilled migrant workers. It is a provisional visa that allows skilled workers to earn, live and study in Australia for 5 years. But after completing 3 years, applicants can apply for PR (Permanent Residency).

These all are assessed by Engineers Australia (EA). Let us give you full detail of EA.

What is Engineers Australia?

Engineers Australia is a prominent Australian Government Body, which works as a non-profit, basically to increase science and technology aptitude all over the country. They have around 115,000 members registered in their portal. They also provide a skills assessment service to help engineers who are applying for visas to work in Australia. This service is called the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) which focuses on immigrants’ visa skill assessment which helps different migrants to come to Australia and work there.

Immigrants wanting to work in Australia have to write a CDR Report as a skilled migration assessment. Read FAQs about skilled migration assessment.

What is a CDR Report?

CDR is basically a technical report, that acts as a skilled migration assessment, as discussed earlier. It helps to outlay the technical background of the exam taker for a successful PR. The exam assessor judges the candidate on their work experience, their qualification, and the certificates and training they have had in the past to determine if the person is fit to work in Australia or is a suitable candidate for Australian PR.  

CDR report consists of:

  1. 3 Career Episodes
  2. Summary Statement
  3. Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Now that we know about the basics, it is time to discuss the migration visa process and fast-track application.

Migration Visa Process

Migration visas are categorized based on different factors such as employment sponsorship, family connections, and individual qualifications.

The migration visa process for engineers requires a skills assessment to evaluate their qualifications, work experience, and suitability for migration under specific engineering occupations. The assessment conducted by Engineers Australia acts as a validation of their skills, ensuring that they meet the necessary criteria. The process is done through CDR.

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How much time does it take for the CDR process?

Usually, Skill Assessment CDR takes upward of 3 to 6 months. But if someone wants it quick, they can apply for a fast-track skill assessment process which takes around 2 to 3 weeks, which can save a lot of time.

What is the cost of fast-track skill assessment?

It costs 315$ for a fast-track skill assessment for CDR. But after 1st July 2023, the price will increase to 325$. But there is a limited-time offer from EA, where prices have dropped to zero.

Free Fast Track Skill Assessment Amid Skill Shortage in Australia

Amid a critical skill shortage in Australia, Engineers Australia is providing slashed prices for any new application for fast-track skill assessment up to 30th June 2023.


You may be eligible for Free Fast Track Skill Assessment if you have:

  • been granted a family, partner, refugee, or humanitarian visa since 1 January 2016, and currently live in Australia.
  • qualifications or skills in a nominated occupation and have not yet had a formal skills assessment from Engineers Australia or any other assessing authority.

**Even if you aren’t eligible for the free fast-track skills assessment, you can still fast-track your application. 

According to Engineers Australia, “This option carries a fee but your application can be assigned to an assessor within 20 business days. This doesn’t mean you’ll receive an outcome in this timeframe. The time it takes to process your assessment depends on the quality of the documents you provide and whether we need to ask you for more information.”

Updated Price Structure of CDR from 1st July 2023


Fee excl. GST 

(in AUD)

Fee incl. GST 

(in AUD)

Fee excl. GST 

(in AUD) 

(From 1 July 2023)


Fee incl. GST (in AUD) 

(From 1 July 2023)

Standard competency demonstration report





Competency demonstration report plus relevant skilled employment assessment





Competency demonstration report plus overseas engineering Ph.D. assessment





Competency demonstration report plus relevant skilled employment assessment plus overseas engineering Ph.D. assessment





Price Structure of Fast Track Skill Assessment Process from 1st July 2023


Fee excl. GST

Fee incl. GST

Fast-track assessment fee (additional to MSA assessment fee) (Upto 30 June 2023)



Fast-track assessment fee (additional to MSA assessment fee) (From 1 July 2023)



** Please note that the table represents the current fees and the fees applicable from July 1, 2023.

FAQs on Fast-Tracked Skill Assessment

1. How do I apply for the free fast-tracked skills assessment?

To apply for the free fast-tracked skills assessment, you must first complete the eligibility check online form. Once you have completed the form, if you are eligible, you will be taken to the Engineers Australia (EA) portal to complete the application process.

Before you start your application, you must gather all the documents you will need. These documents include:

  • Your passport or other travel documents
  • Your visa
  • Your academic transcripts
  • Your engineering registration certificate (if applicable)
  • Any other relevant documents

2. How long does it take to get a result from the free fast-tracked skills assessment?

Once you have submitted your application, EA will assess your application and provide you with an outcome within 3 weeks.

3. What can I do with the result of my free fast-tracked skills assessment?

You can use the result of your free fast-tracked skills assessment when you apply for engineering jobs in Australia. The result will improve employer confidence that you have the skills necessary to work in an Australian workplace in your nominated occupation.

4. If I have any questions about the free fast-tracked skills assessment, who can I contact?

If you have any questions about the free fast-tracked skills assessment, you can contact CDR Writers or call us at (+61)480-096-740 or (+61)482-081-352

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