Nutritionists ANZSCO Code: 251112

Group A

Nutritionists use information from science to help people understand how food can make them healthier and feel better.

Nutritionists ANZSCO Code: 251112

Occupation Descriptions

Nutritionists use science-based knowledge to improve how food affects people’s health and well-being. They share this information to help communities eat better.

Occupations not considered suitable under this ANZSCO code:

Dietitian – classified elsewhere in ANZSCO

Group allocation:

Nutritionist is a VETASSESS Group A occupation

To be eligible for this job, you need a qualification equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or higher in a field closely related to the job. Additionally, you must have at least one year of work experience in a role that is directly related to your qualifications. 

This work experience should have been completed at the appropriate skill level within the last five years. Meeting these criteria ensures that your educational background and professional experience align with the requirements of the position, demonstrating your readiness and suitability for the job.

Group A

Additional qualifications in a highly relevant field of study include those comparable to the following levels: 

  • AQF Diploma 
  • AQF Advanced Diploma 
  • AQF Associate Degree or 
  • AQF Graduate Diploma

Highly relevant paid employment duration (20 hours or more per week): 

You must have completed at least one year of paid work in a role closely related to the job you are applying for after obtaining your qualifications. This work experience needs to be recent, specifically within the last five years prior to applying for the Skills Assessment. Additionally, the job should have been at least 20 hours per week. 

This requirement ensures that you have practical, up-to-date experience that directly aligns with the skills and knowledge needed for the position you are seeking. Meeting this criterion is essential for a positive outcome in the Skills Assessment, validating that your professional experience is both relevant and sufficient to demonstrate your capability in the field.

Qualification and Employment Criteria


You need to have a qualification in Nutrition, which can be at the level of a bachelor’s degree or higher. This includes qualifications assessed at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels.


Important tasks for this job include:

  • Gathering, organizing, and reviewing data about the health and nutrition of individuals, groups, and communities.
  • Explaining and sharing scientific information, and offering advice and education to people and communities.
  • Tracking food intake and quality to offer nutritional guidance.
  • Figuring out the nutritional content of food.
  • Designing, carrying out, and assessing nutrition programs and creating educational materials.
  • Conducting nutrition assessments, managing nutrition plans, and providing education, research, and training in nutrition.


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    Employment Information

    Nutritionists are capable of creating, managing, and evaluating a variety of health programs aimed at enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities through improved food and nutrition habits. They can serve in diverse roles, including researchers, nutrition consultants, public health officers, community developers, quality coordinators, food technologists, and media spokespersons. These roles allow them to apply their expertise in different contexts, from conducting scientific studies and providing expert advice to developing community health initiatives and ensuring food quality standards.

    Nutritionists primarily work in the healthcare and social assistance sectors, where they contribute to patient care and community health. They are also employed in the retail trade, advising on nutrition products and services, and in the manufacturing industry, where they help in the development and quality control of food products. Their work across these industries underscores their versatility and the broad impact of their expertise on public health and nutrition.

    How to apply

    If you’re considering migrating to Australia, you’ll likely need a skills assessment from VETASSESS. Follow these steps:

    1. Find

    Identify the VETASSESS occupation that best matches your skills and experience.

    2. Match

    Ensure your skills and experience align with the chosen occupation.

    3. Prepare

    Gather all necessary information and documents for your application.

    4. Apply

    Complete the online application when you're ready. If you need assistance, support is available.