Construction and Manufacturing

Begin on a journey through a wide spectrum of career paths within the construction and manufacturing industries. Our team meticulously assesses over 30 different roles, offering comprehensive insights into each profession.

Explore our method for assessing your construction or manufacturing job

We conduct detailed assessments of more than 30 positions in the construction and manufacturing sectors, many of which are highly coveted in Australia. Some examples include Construction Project Manager, Production Manager (Manufacturing), Landscape Architect, and Civil Engineering Draftsperson.

Construction and Manufacturing: Aerial view of a construction site with workers and heavy machinery

What occupations are covered?

If you’re a skilled worker or migrant from Australia with recent professional expertise, you have access to a variety of customized services tailored to your specific skills and situation. These services are meticulously crafted to provide you with guidance and assistance, ensuring a smooth transition into the workforce or the enhancement of your career opportunities.

Vetassess Skill Assessment CDRwriters: The Experts in Vetassess Skill Assessment. Within the confines of Australia, it is possible to accomplish all of