What exactly is an Employment Reference Letter?

reference letter

Employment Reference Letter is one of the important parts of the RPL report for non ICT professionals to represent what they have learned throughout the years which represents if they are equivalent to an ICT degree holder. 

The Letter must have all the detailed information including your educational background, past job history, capability, and skills. Don’t forget to include an employment reference letter when submitting an RPL report. You have to follow all the guidelines provided by ACS as they are responsible for evaluating your skill assessment.

Employment Criteria for ACS Skill Assessment

  1.  If you work at least 20 hours per week you may be taken into consideration for a skills evaluation. The work must demonstrate the scope and complexity of your claimed profession. Additionally, your pay should be fair with your degree of competence.
  2.  Your unpaid, partially paid, or volunteer work will not be taken into account when determining your skill level.
  3.  Only the employment undertaken after the date you satisfied the ACS eligibility criterion will be considered for the professional role.
  4. In the case that you submit multiple employment periods, only the one with the greatest result will be chosen, and the rest will be labeled as concurrent employment.
  5. Accredited by the ACS assessment the ICT instruction must take place at a school and be at the AQF level or above.
  6. Your working experience will not be regarded as work that you conducted for your thesis. You must present documentation from your company proving the study you’ve conducted that isn’t directly related to your thesis.

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