MSA Booklet For Engineers Australia

The MSA Booklet, which stands for “Migration Skills Assessment Booklet,” is a helpful guide made for engineers in Australia. It gives them a clear path to follow during the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) process. This process is important for engineers who want to move to Australia or find job opportunities there.

Want to migrate to Australia and work as a qualified engineer? If yes, then you must be aware of the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet which is provided by Engineers Australia. Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) Booklet is a test that is organized to test the qualification and employment history of applicants. This is a test which is mandatory only for those engineers who want to migrate and work as a skilled engineer in Australia.

The MSA Booklet is carefully made to give engineers all the info and guidance they need to finish the MSA process successfully. It talks about different things like who can apply, what documents are needed, and how the assessment works. The booklet is a very helpful resource to make sure engineers know what to do and are ready for the whole assessment process.

EA is the authorized body of Australia who is responsible to regulate and oversee the quality of MSA booklet.

Understanding the MSA requirements

To use the MSA Booklet properly, the first thing to do is to really understand what it says about MSA requirements. The booklet gives a lot of details about who can apply, like what education you need, how much work experience, and being good in English. By reading and learning about these MSA requirements in the booklet, engineers can figure out if they are eligible or not. This helps them decide the best way to go forward with their plans to move to Australia or find a job there.

Here we have described all the information needed to prepare documents to migrate to Australia.

MSA (Migration Skill Assessment) booklet

MSA Booklet Overview

MSA Booklet for engineers is a well-defined pathway updated by Engineers Australia that guides engineers on how they score high and positively on their skill assessment test. All the required details regarding the skill assessment. 

The MSA booklet is divided into different sections and each section holds important information. Below listed are section of Migration Skill Assessment Booklet

Section A

Introduction: Engineers Australia’s skill assessment method is described in depth in this part, beginning with the prerequisites, fee information, online procedure, assessment procedure, and assessment outcome. It also explains how an applicant can request a re-review of their application if they are unhappy with the results.

Section B

This section provides all the necessary details on how the candidate chooses a pathway of their skill assessment process.

Section C

This section explains how to create the CDR report in a step-by-step manner. It also includes samples of Summary Statements for Professional Engineers, Engineering Technologists, Engineering Associates, and Engineering Managers in each of the Engineers professional groups. It also contains detailed information on the skills required for each of these occupations. It also includes a list of Engineers Australia-selected ANZSCO (Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Jobs) occupations.

Section D

Additional Assessment Services, such as Fast Track and Assessment of Overseas PhDs, are described in this section.

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Benefits of using the MSA Booklet

Using the MSA Booklet has many advantages for engineers in Australia. First, it helps them understand the MSA requirements, making sure they know what is expected. This understanding makes the application process smoother, preventing unnecessary delays or rejections.

Moreover, the MSA Booklet serves as a step-by-step guide, making the complicated MSA process easier to understand. It divides the assessment into smaller tasks, helping engineers go through each stage more easily. The booklet also gives useful tips on common mistakes to steer clear of, improving the likelihood of a successful assessment result.

Furthermore, the MSA Booklet gives engineers peace of mind by making sure they are ready to demonstrate their skills and qualifications. It clearly explains the needed documents, enabling engineers to collect and present the necessary evidence in a structured way. This careful approach significantly improves the overall quality of the assessment application.

How the MSA Booklet can help engineers in Australia

The MSA Booklet is like a helpful friend for engineers in Australia. It’s a really useful guide that helps them at every step. First, it explains everything about the MSA requirements so that engineers know exactly what they need to do. Then, it helps them through the assessment process, breaking it into smaller, easier parts. This makes it simple for engineers to go through each stage without feeling confused.

The booklet is also great at showing how to get the most out of the assessment outcome, like making sure engineers benefit as much as possible. In short, the MSA Booklet is like a trustworthy companion for Australian engineers, guiding them from the start to the finish of their journey and making everything easier to understand.

Engineer Australia MSA Booklet Complete process

employment reference letterAfter engineers know the MSA requirements well, the MSA Booklet helps them go through each part of the assessment one step at a time. It explains what documents are needed, like school records, work references, and English test scores. Engineers have to gather all this information and give it to the people who will assess them. The booklet also tells them how to organize and show the information in a clear way. Doing this the right way improves the chances of getting a positive result in the assessment. So, the MSA Booklet acts like a guide, leading engineers through the process and making sure they know how to present their information well for a better chance of success.

Additionally, the MSA Booklet gives important advice and knowledge on getting ready for the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR), which is really important for the assessment. It helps by showing how to talk about engineering projects, accomplishments, and duties in a way that meets the standards set by Engineers Australia (EA). Engineers can make use of the tips and examples in the booklet to display their skills and abilities in the best way possible. This boosts their likelihood of having a successful assessment. So, the MSA Booklet is like a helpful tool that guides engineers in presenting their work and achievements to make sure they have a better chance of passing the assessment.

Tips for maximizing the benefits of the MSA Booklet

To make the most of the MSA Booklet, engineers should carefully follow the extra advice and suggestions it gives. These tips talk about different things like how to arrange documents, set up the CDR, and show proof. If engineers follow these suggestions, it helps them make their application more impressive and shows their engineering skills. So, by using these recommendations, engineers can be sure that their application stands out and effectively shows what they can do in the field of engineering.

Moreover, engineers should make use of the example CDRs and templates given in the MSA Booklet. These resources give helpful ideas about how to set up, structure, and what to include in a successful CDR. By looking at these examples and using the templates, engineers can shape their own CDRs to match the top standards set by Engineers Australia. It’s like having a guide to help them create a report that meets all the requirements and impresses the assessors. So, by checking out these samples and using the provided templates, engineers can make sure their CDR meets the high standards set by Engineers Australia.

Resources and support for engineers using the MSA Booklet

Engineers using the MSA Booklet have support from Engineers Australia throughout their journey. Engineers Australia offers various resources to help engineers during the MSA process. On their official website, there’s a lot of information, answers to common questions, and contact details if there’s anything engineers want to ask. Engineers Australia also holds seminars, workshops, and webinars to give more help and clear up any confusion about the MSA process. Engineers should make use of these resources to make sure their assessment process goes well without any problems. It’s like having a helping hand from Engineers Australia to guide them through the process and make it a success.

Success stories of engineers who have used the MSA Booklet

The MSA Booklet has been incredibly valuable for many engineers in Australia. Numerous engineers have used the booklet to finish the MSA process and reach their goals of moving to Australia or finding a job there. These success stories show how crucial it is to use the advice and support from the MSA Booklet. By following the steps, tips, and suggestions in the booklet, engineers can confidently go through the MSA process and showcase their engineering abilities in Australia. It’s like a roadmap that has helped many engineers succeed, proving that the MSA Booklet is a really useful tool for those aiming to achieve their dreams in the field of engineering in Australia.

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    Pathways For Migration Skill Assessment

    pathways for migration skill assessment

    The Migration Skill Assessment Booklet by Engineers Australia is of two types:

    • Accredited Qualification
    • Non Accredited Qualification

    If candidate degree is recognized or authorized by Engineers Australia then you can apply under the Accredited Qualification Category. But if candidate don’t have a degree i.e authorized by Engineers Australia then you must write high quality CDR Report submit to Engineers Australia.

    The five pathways listed By EA under accredited system are:

    • Accredited Australian Qualification
    • Washington Accord Qualification
    • Sydney Accord Qualification
    • Dublin Accord Qualification
    • Competency Demonstration Report

     If candidate don’t have a degree authorized by EA then you have to prepare high quality CDR report following all the rules and guidelines mentioned by Engineers Australia. Here we have listed few things you have consider while preparing CDR report that is also mentioned in MSA Booklet.

    Components Of CDR Report

    1.  Personal Information
    2. Application Information
    3.  Educational Background
    4. Details About Previous skilled employment

    Lets further discuss in details about components of CDR Report

    1. Personal Information

    Candidate must include details that can provide personal information such as passport size photo, prime id, name change documents, CV/resume and English Language Test Results

    2. Application Information

    Candidate must include the details of the occupation they want to nominate for evaluation. The desired occupation must be listed in ANZSCO listed occupations.

    3. Education Background

    Candidate must include the details of educational qualification along with certificate, transcripts and any other relevant academic documentation.

    4. Details About Previous Skill Employment

    The candidate must provide evidences of previous skill employment whose career episode is based on engineering experience and apply for Relevant Skilled Employment Services.

    5. Report

    Candidates must prepare high quality and original CPD statement, Career Episode, and Summary Statement. Lets elaborate and understand in details

    a. Continuing Professional Development (CPD):- CPD statement is the evidence which shows how the candidate keep up to date in your field of engineering after completing undergraduate classification. The CPD must be submitted in table format such as title, date, duration, venue and organizer. You must prepare your CPD listing not more than one A4 Page and not necessary to include certificate from each course.

    b. Career Episode:- Career Episode is the evidence on how the candidate is utilizing their skill and knowledge in their job.  Candidate have to prepare three career episode and each career episode should focus on how you applied your engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation. A career episode report is the insight about the candidate professional ability and excellence.

    c. Summary Statement:- Summary Statement is the summary of three career episode. Candidate easily find summary statement sample in the MSA booklet provided by Engineer Australia.

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    Why Choose CDR Writers?

    CDR Writers assist and guide in the preparation of high quality and original CDR Report. Before preparing or submitting your CDR report to the EA follow all the rules and guidelines mentioned by Engineers Australia in MSA Booklet. 


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    Overview of MSA Booklet For Engineers Australia

    In conclusion, the MSA Booklet is an essential resource for Engineers Australia. It provides valuable guidance and information for engineers seeking skill assessment.By following its guidelines, applicants can ensure they present their qualifications and experience in the best possible light, streamlining their migration journey and maximizing their chances of a successful skills assessment outcome. As the engineering landscape continues to transcend borders, leveraging resources like the MSA booklet becomes paramount in facilitating both professional growth and cross-border knowledge exchange.


    Q: How long does it take to complete the MSA process?

    The MSA process generally take around 120 days from the time of form submission. The exact time frame depends on factors, such as the complexity of the application and the number of existing application with Engineers Australia. In that case it can take few extra months.

    Q: What are the costs associated with MSA?

    The exact cost will vary depending on the pathway that is chosen. It may cost around 500$ to 1200$ depending on the pathways and extra particulars added to your MSA. For e.g. if you want particulars added such as “assessment + relevant skilled employment assessment + overseas engineering PhD assessment”, your cost may range around 1200$. (All the prices mentioned here are in Australian Dollar and updated in 2023-2024)

    Migration Skills Assessment Fess as per Pathways and extra particulars

    Fee excl. GST

    Fee incl. GST

    Fee excl. GST (From 1 August 2023)

    Fee incl. GST (From 1 August 2023)

    Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord qualification assessment

    AU$ 445

    AU$ 489.50

    AU$ 460

    AU$ 506

    Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord qualification assessment plus relevant skilled employment assessment

    AU$ 820

    AU$ 902

    AU$ 845

    AU$ 929.50

    Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord qualification assessment plus overseas PhD assessment

    AU$ 680

    AU$ 748

    AU$ 705

    AU$ 775

    Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord qualification assessment plus relevant skilled employment assessment plus overseas engineering PhD assessment

    AU$ 1055

    AU$ 1160.50

    AU$ 1090

    AU$ 1199

    Q: Where can I get more information about MSA?

    The MSA booklet contains comprehensive details about the MSA process. It can be downloaded from the Engineers Australia website. Also you can contact our customer care representatives to guide you through the MSA process. We also offers a number of other resources, such as webinars and online articles, that can provide helpful information and support to you.