How to fast track MSA applications?

Fast track MSA application

It takes time since there are so many applications for Migration Skills Assessment. In addition, the absence of information about the applications slows down the procedure. If you applied for a job in Australia and properly submitted your CDR report, you should be aware that you can make enquiries about the status of your application after 16 weeks (four months).

Engineers Australia gives applicants this premium choice after which you can apply for Fast Track Assessment. The application would be sent to Engineers Australia Assessors within 5 to 15 working days. The fact that you can only apply for the Fast Track online is another thing that candidates should think about.

Normal Migration Skills Assessment:

It usually takes between 4 and 7 months to finish an MSA application, which is a long time.

Fast Track:

You can speed up the time it takes to process your application by giving it to an assessor who will finish it within 15 working days. The amount of time it takes to do reviews depends on how many applications are sent in. During this time, you shouldn’t talk to Engineers Australia because it will make all forms take longer.

Remember that if you choose the faster service, you can cut this time in half and have your application given to a case officer in as little as 20 days.Waiting times can change based on how many applications are sent in.

Please don’t contact Engineers Australia during the times mentioned above, as this will just slow down the process for everyone.

Non-accredited qualifications:

 It will take 9 weeks before your application is assigned to a case officer.

Non-accredited qualifications:

7 weeks before a case officer is assigned to your application.
MSA in general is less likely to use the Fast Track Method than MSA for Skilled Assessment. Since the Fast track CDR Report will be looked at first, it is suggested that the CDR report be written by a professional CDR writer.

If the CDR report isn’t done according to the rules set by Engineers Australia, your Skilled Migration Visa could be revoked.

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