What is Engineers Australia Fast Track Assessment Time ?

How to fast track MSA application?

Engineers Australia requires verification of engineering abilities as well as English Proficiency Test results from people wishing to come to Australia. A Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) contains a comprehensive set of documentation proving your competency in the engineering vocation being evaluated. Every foreign engineer must pass the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA).

Engineers Australia’s Migration Skills Assessment takes 15 weeks for approval. We understand that it is a lengthy period, however there is another choice for the Migration Skills Assessment, which is Fast Track migration skills assessment.

Applicants who need a skills evaluation fast can take advantage of the Fast Track program. When payment is received, Fast Track applications will be assigned to an assessor within the timeframe stated on the EA website. 

The time it takes to obtain a response is entirely controlled by the quality of the application. Engineers Australia will not be held accountable for the time it takes to process inaccurate or incomplete applications.

Non-accredited credentials now have a turnaround time of around 13 weeks before being assigned to a case officer. The Accredited Australian and Accord credentials now have a turnaround time of roughly 8 weeks before the application is allocated to a case officer. The processing time for evaluations might vary based on the volume of incoming applications.

Engineers Australia Assessment Timeline will postpone processing time for all applications.

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After submitting your MSA application, you can choose the Fast Track Migration Skills Assessment method, in which your application is sent to an assessor or case officer within 5 to 15 working days. When the work restarts, Fast-Tracked submissions are handled first. At the time of application, an Australian visa application is used as a fast-track service.

Applicants who have already submitted an online application are also eligible for Fast Track. There should be no file processing done during the shutdown time. Certain websites list the dates when businesses will close.

If your assessor wants extra information, you will receive an email alerting you that you have a job to perform in the system. You must connect into Engineers Australia’s My Portal to view the details of demand and submit any further documents. To avoid the cancellation of your application, you must respond to any request from this office within the time limit specified.

There are several reasons for the extended Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment waiting period. Some examples include:

  • When an applicant provides fragmented information, the assessment method is slowed.
  • Engineers Australia got a massive number of applications.

Engineers Australia Assessment is generally handled through the Normal Migration Skill Assessment process, although Fast Track Migration Skills Assessment is a more efficient and quicker option.

Engineers Australia Fast Track Assessment Time

What is Engineers Australia fast track assessment time?

Normal Migration Skills Assessment: Normally, Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) applications take 4 – 7 months to process, which is a lengthy period.

Fast Track: You can expedite the processing of your application by assigning it to an assessor and having it completed within 15 working days. The Fast Track cost would be $357.00, including GST (AUD).

Normal CDR Assessment takes much longer to complete than Fast Track, which is completed in 15 days. Similarly, if your occupation is on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or if you are employed by an Australian. The Fast Track Method is more common for Skilled Assessment than general MSA.

It is advised that the CDR report  should be created by a professional CDR writer since the Fast track CDR Report will be evaluated first.

If the CDR report is not completed in accordance with Engineers Australia’s criteria, your Skilled Migration Visa may be terminated.

Depending on the remaining tasks that the EA Assessors are looking at the moment, the Fast track assessment procedure may be extended to three weeks rather than two. Applications for the fast and regular track typically include inadequate information on the form and extremely common errors while verifying the evaluation.

Engineers Australia asks that all candidates who want to know the status of their evaluation do so within four months if they are on the standard track and within 15 days if they are on the fast track. 

So there is no other option for the authority to verify the progress of your application other than sending a blank status email to learn on an answer that contains data about the dates of the applications being handled at the same time.

How to fast track MSA application?

Engineers Australia provides this premium option to applicants for $275, and following payment, you may apply for Fast Track Assessment. Within 5-15 working days, an application would be forwarded to Engineers Australia Assessors. Another consideration for candidates is that you can only apply for the Fast Track if you submit your application online.

The amount of time needed to process evaluations varies according to the number of applications submitted. Engineers Australia should not be contacted during this time period since it will cause all applications to be delayed.

Remember that if you select the expedited service, you may cut this time in half and have your application assigned to a case officer in as little as 20 days.

Non-accredited qualifications: It will take 9 weeks before your application is assigned to a case officer.

Accredited Australian and Accord qualifications: 7 weeks before a case officer is assigned to your application.

Waiting times may vary depending on the amount of applications received. Waiting times are computed from the day all necessary information is received. Please do not contact Engineers Australia within the time restrictions listed above, as this will just cause delays in the processing of all applications.

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Why does the Normal Assessment Skills Process take so long?

It takes time since there are so many applications for Migration Skills Assessment. In addition, the absence of information about the applications slows down the procedure. If you applied for a job in Australia and properly submitted your CDR report, you should be aware that you can make enquiries about the status of your application after 16 weeks (four months).

Overview of Engineers Australia Fast Track Assessment Time

The Engineers Australia Fast Track Assessment Time refers to the accelerated processing of skill assessments for certain occupations. It allows eligible applicants to receive their assessment outcome within a shorter time frame compared to the standard processing time. This can be beneficial for individuals who are in a hurry to proceed with their visa application.

However, it’s crucial to remember that while the Fast Track option accelerates the assessment timeline, the quality and accuracy of the submitted documentation must not be compromised. Applicants should meticulously prepare their documents, ensuring they meet the necessary criteria for a successful assessment outcome. By leveraging the Engineers Australia Fast Track Assessment Time effectively, engineers can make confident strides towards realizing their aspirations on an accelerated trajectory.


Q1. How much does Fast Track Assessment cost?

The cost of Fast Track Assessment is AUD$357.50, including GST. This is in addition to the standard application fee of AUD$935.

Q2. Can I apply for Fast Track Assessment if I have already submitted my application?

Yes, you can apply for Fast Track Assessment even after you have submitted your application. However, you will have to pay separately for the Fast Track assessment fee and your application will be processed from the beginning.

Q3. What are the benefits of applying for Fast Track Assessment?

Benefits of applying for Fast Track assessment is that

  • Your application will be reviewed more quickly. 
  • You will receive an acceptance decision on your application faster. 
  • You will be able to start your visa application sooner.

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