Why is Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment needed?

Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment

Engineers Australia is the professional body of Australia for accessing skills and knowledge for migration purposes regarding different engineering occupations in Australia.

A lot of engineers who are studying outside or inside Australia both apply for migration skill assessments tests every year and EA helps them to achieve their goals.

Engineers applying for a visa have to give a positive skill assessment test within the General Skill Assessment Program.  

Requirements for Engineers Australia Skill assessment:

  • Must have an appropriate academic qualification
  • The age below 45 can only apply for Australia Migration.
  • By the General skilled migration requirements, candidates must have engineering work experience.
  • Evidence of evaluation certified under IELTS equivalent to level 6 for each of the 4 IELTS categories.

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Creating a CDR Report may be difficult due to Engineers Australia’s standards and rules ( EA ). Our experienced engineers have assisted many people in obtaining approval for their report from the EA via the use of powerful projects.