Marketing Specialist ANZSCO Code: 225113

Group B

A marketing specialist is an expert in analyzing market trends and customer behaviours; furthermore offers guidance on making plans for setting prices and advertising a company’s products or services. They help create, organize, and implement strategies to ensure people know about and are interested in what the company sells.

Marketing Specialist ANZSCO Code: 225113

Occupation Descriptions

A marketing specialist finds opportunities in the market and offers guidance on establishing, coordinating, and carrying out pricing and promotion strategies for the organization’s products and services.

Occupations considered suitable under this ANZSCO code:

  • Marketing Consultant
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Officer
  • Brand Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Promotion Officer

Occupations not considered suitable under this ANZSCO code:

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Advertising Specialist
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Technical Sales Representatives
  • Sales Workers

These occupations fall under a different ANZSCO classification.

Marketing Specialist is a VETASSESS Group B occupation.

Group B

This job needs a qualification that’s considered equal to or higher than a Bachelor’s degree, according to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Applicants can fulfill the assessment criteria for this occupation in four different ways.

Extra qualifications in a very relevant subject of study are equivalent to the following levels: 

  • AQF Diploma 
  • AQF Advanced Diploma 
  • AQF Associate Degree 
  • or AQF Graduate Diploma

Those with a bachelor’s degree or above include:

  • AQF Master’s Degree or 
  • AQF Doctoral Degree

Duration of highly relevant paid employment: 20 hours or more per week 

1-3 minimum years of work in a highly relevant position for the specified field, finished five years before the application date for a skills assessment at the necessary skill level.

Four minimum years of relevant work experience are needed; these can be broken down into three years of relevant work (completed outside of the last five years) and at least one year of highly relevant work completed within the five years before application.

An applicant must have worked for at least a year in a highly relevant position with the necessary skill level within the last five years if employment was taken before completing the qualification at the required level. The previous ten years may include the final five years of the pre-qualifying period.

A favourable result of the Skills Assessment depends on a positive evaluation of the degree of qualification and length of employment.

Qualification and Employment Criteria


AQF A bachelor’s degree or above

Qualifications in business, commerce, and management will be considered individually, provided they show sufficient knowledge of the following four categories. Candidates should provide information about any projects or internships they have performed as part of their qualifications.

Qualifications evaluated at the AQF Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate levels are included.


  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Business Communications
  • Public Relations


For this occupation, pre-qualification employment may be taken into account. Highly relevant tasks include:

  • Supporting the development and expansion of businesses by creating and carrying out marketing goals, strategies, and plans.
  • Launching and conducting market research to find potential customers for new and current products and services.
  • Offering guidance on all aspects of marketing, including distribution routes, selling, advertising and sales promotion, pricing, and product mix.

Additional tasks may include:

  • Creating marketing plans and tactics through data analysis.
  • Generating concepts for advertising campaigns.
  • Coordinating with outside suppliers and organizations.
  • Giving guidance on social media marketing, SEO, digital marketing tactics, and related statistics.

Front-line retail roles and jobs requiring regular, direct client transactional involvement will not be accepted.

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    Employment Table

    The following table illustrates the similarities and differences between the occupations in this ANZSCO Unit Group:

    ANZSCO Definition




    Alternative Titles

    An Advertising Specialist creates and manages advertising strategies that persuade customers to buy specific products or services, according to ANZSCO.

    An ANZSCO definition of a marketing specialist is someone who finds market opportunities and provides guidance on developing, coordinating, and implementing strategies for pricing and promoting an organization’s products and services.

    As per ANZSCO, a Market Research Analyst ascertains the market for novel products and services, formulates advertising tactics, and assesses the optimal business locations for commercial entities.

    Scope of Activity

    These include: 

    Advertising Account Executive

    Advertising Account Manager

    Creative Director (Advertising)

    It also includes planning and implementing advertising campaigns and policies to boost sales goals, raise consumer awareness, and advertise the company’s products and services.

    These include: 

    Marketing Consultant

    Marketing Coordinator

    Marketing Officer

    (No common alternative titles)

    Focus of Role

    An advertising specialist’s duties include organizing advertising campaigns that involve specialized tasks, including media scripting, artwork creation, copywriting, media placement, television and film production, and trend and insight identification.

    A marketing specialist’s responsibilities include providing advice on all aspects of marketing, including distribution routes, product mix, pricing, selling, advertising, and sales promotion.

    A market research analyst’s responsibilities also include gathering and evaluating data and other statistical information to investigate possible demand and market characteristics for new products and services. 

    Supporting material for assessment

    Applicants nominating this occupation are required to provide:

    • A Curriculum Vitae / Resume
    • An organizational chart for every work term. This should contain the company’s letterhead, the job title, the titles of the applicant’s superiors and subordinates, and any jobs that directly report to the applicant’s immediate supervisor and subordinates.

    Applicants are also advised to provide samples of some of the following supplementary material, if possible:

    • Marketing plans
    • Marketing collateral
    • Contracts, if relevant to the role performed

    Post Assessment

    Applicants hoping to advance their marketing careers in Australia may consider professional membership after obtaining a favourable skills assessment from VETASSESS and obtaining a skilled visa issued by the Department of Home Affairs. The industry standard for marketing practitioners in Australia is established by the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), which represents professional marketers.

    The AMI offers Numerous opportunities, such as networking, education, and learning and development opportunities across Australia. AMI membership can help with job progress and professional contentment.

    Those interested in membership services can get in touch with AMI directly for more information:

    AMI Professional Membership:

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