Corporate Services Manager ANZSCO Code: 132111

Group B

A Corporate Services Manager oversees and manages the administrative operations of an organization, including planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and coordinating various activities.

Corporate Services Manager ANZSCO Code: 132111

Occupation Descriptions

A corporate services manager is responsible for organizing, directing, controlling, and coordinating an organization’s general administration.

Occupations considered suitable under this ANZSCO code:

Alternative Titles:

  • Administration Manager
  • Business Services Manager

Occupations not considered suitable under this ANZSCO code:

  • Corporate General Manager (ANZSCO Code 111211)
  • Finance Manager (ANZSCO Code 132211)
  • Policy and Planning Manager (ANZSCO Code 132411)
  • Research and Development Manager (ANZSCO Code 132511)

These jobs are categorized under different headings in ANZSCO.

Corporate Services Manager is a VETASSESS Group B occupation

Group B

A qualification deemed equivalent to or higher than the educational requirements of an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Bachelor degree is required for this position.

There are four methods in which candidates can meet the requirements for this career.

An applicant must have at least one year of highly relevant work at an adequate skill level within the last five years, if employment occurs prior to the attainment of the certification at the requisite level. The final five years of the pre-qualification period could fall inside the previous ten years.

Extra credentials in a very relevant subject of study are equivalent to the following levels: 

  • AQF Diploma AQF Advanced Diploma 
  • AQF Associate Degree or 
  • AQF Graduate Diploma

Those with a bachelor’s degree or above comprise: 

  • AQF Master Degree or 
  • AQF Doctoral Degree 

duration of highly relevant paid work (20 hours or more per week) 

A minimum of three years of highly relevant work experience at a suitable skill level in the five years prior to the application date for a skills assessment, in the nominated occupation. 

Four minimum years of relevant work experience are needed; these can be five years of relevant work (which may not have been completed within the last five years) plus at least one year of highly relevant work completed within the five years prior to applying.

A favorable evaluation of the degree of qualification and length of employment is necessary for a favorable conclusion of the Skills Assessment.

Qualification and Employment Criteria


AQF A bachelor’s degree or above

A qualification in any of the following fields is required for this occupation:

  • company management is the study of organizing and leading the operations of businesses, comprehending the nature, function, and nature of company, and finding solutions to administrative and management issues;
  • The study of organizational structure and transformation is known as organization management.

The AQF Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate level qualifications are included in this.


Tasks that are highly relevant are:

  • providing senior management with research, high-level administrative, strategic planning, and operational support, as well as guidance on administrative issues such personnel management, financial planning, facilities management, and information services;
  • creating and overseeing the organization’s human, material, financial, and administrative resources;
  • creating and executing operational, financial, and administrative procedural statements and standards for use by organization personnel;
  • examining organizationally relevant complicated resource management projects and concerns, and creating related reports, letters, and submissions;
  • supplying information and assistance in the creation of budgets and financial reports;
  • Leading, managing and growing administrative staff to ensure effortless business operations and the provision of accurate and timely information;
  • representing the organization in talks, as well as in conferences, forums, public hearings, and conventions; promoting both new and current programs and policies.
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    Employment information

    Typically, corporate service managers work for larger companies with complex organizational structures. In order to assist senior management with administrative issues like personnel management, financial planning, facilities management, and information services, corporate service managers need to possess advanced administrative, strategic planning, and operational support abilities.

    General managers are not included in this occupation since they are categorized differently in ANZSCO. Furthermore deemed irrelevant are positions that concentrate on managing core business operations or general business operations as opposed to providing administrative support to the company. Positions that are exclusively dedicated to ICT, HR, or financial management are categorized differently in ANZSCO.

    Supporting material for assessment

    If you’re applying for this managerial role, you need to provide an organizational chart. It should have the company’s letterhead and show your position, your superiors, your subordinates, and all positions under your immediate supervision and those reporting directly to your subordinates. If you can’t get this chart from your employer, you must submit a statutory declaration explaining why and provide the necessary information.

    Additionally, applicants must include information about any professional development or training programs they have completed. The attached Curriculum Vitae/Resume may go into more detail about these.

    How to apply

    If you’re a professional considering moving to Australia, there’s a good chance you’ll need to undergo assessment by us. We evaluate 360 different professional occupations, assessing your skills, experience, and qualifications.

    1. Find

    Find the VETASSESS occupation that best matches your abilities and experience.

    2. Match

    Match your skills and experience to your chosen occupation.

    3. Prepare

    Get ready to apply by preparing all the information and documents you need. 

    4. Apply

    Apply online when you’re ready. If you’re still unsure, skills assessment support is available when you need it.