Advertising Specialist ANZSCO Code: 225111

Group B

An Advertising Specialist specializes in creating and managing advertising campaigns to promote products, services, or brands. Their role involves various tasks to reach and persuade target audiences to engage with the offerings they’re promoting.

Advertising Specialist ANZSCO Code: 225111

Occupation Descriptions

An advertising specialist creates and manages marketing efforts that persuade people to buy specific products or services.

Occupations considered suitable under this ANZSCO code:

  • Advertising Account Executive
  • Advertising Account Manager
  • Creative Director (Advertising)

Occupations not considered suitable under this ANZSCO code:

  • Marketing Specialist
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Public Relations Professional
  • Advertising Manager

These jobs are categorized under different headings in ANZSCO.

Advertising Specialist is a VETASSESS Group B occupation.

Group B

A bachelor’s degree deemed equivalent to or higher than an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is required for this position.

There are four ways in which applicants can satisfy the assessment requirements for this occupation.

Further qualifications in a highly relevant subject of study correspond to the following levels:  

  • AQF Diploma  
  • AQF Advanced Diploma  
  •  AQF Associate Degree or 
  •  AQF Graduate Diploma

A bachelor’s degree or above consists of the following:

  • AQF Master’s Degree or  
  • AQF Doctoral Degree

Duration of highly relevant paid employment: 20 hours or more per week

1-3 minimum years of work in a highly relevant position for the specified field, finished five years before the application date for a skills assessment at the required competence level. 

A minimum of six years of relevant work experience is needed. This includes at least one year of highly relevant work completed during the five years before applying and five years of relevant experience (which may have yet to be held within the past five years). 

If employment occurs prior to the achievement of the certification at the requisite level, an applicant must have at least one year of highly relevant work at an appropriate skill level within the last five years. The final five years of the pre-qualification period could fall within the previous ten years.

A favorable evaluation of the degree of qualification and length of employment is necessary for a favorable conclusion of the Skills Assessment.

Qualification and Employment Criteria


AQF A bachelor’s degree or above

Qualifications evaluated at the AQF Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate levels are included.


  • Advertising

Qualifications in general business and commerce are typically seen as irrelevant.


This occupation may accept pre-qualification employment. Highly relevant tasks are:

  • Organizing, creating, and planning campaigns and advertising policies to achieve sales goals.
  • Giving executives and clients advice on marketing plans and campaigns that will reach target audiences, raise consumer awareness, and successfully highlight the benefits of products and services.
  • Coordinating the timely and cost-effective creation of advertising campaigns that involve specialized tasks, including media scripting, artwork, copywriting, television and film production, and media placement.

Advertising specialists are generally employed by large organizations’ internal departments or advertising firms. They rarely work for other companies.

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    Supporting material for assessment

    Candidates submitting nominations for this position must submit:

    • A Curriculum Vitae / Resume

    Additionally, if at all possible, applicants are encouraged to include samples of some of the following supplemental materials:

    • Advertising plans
    • Campaign material
    • Contracts, if relevant to the role performed

    An organizational chart can also help clarify the focus and degree of responsibility of roles. This chart should contain the company’s letterhead, the job title, the titles of the applicant’s superiors and subordinates, and the titles of any jobs that directly report to the applicant’s immediate supervisor and subordinates.

    Post Assessment

    Those who wish to advance their advertising careers in Australia and have been awarded a skilled visa by the Department of Home Affairs and a good skills assessment from VETASSESS may want to consider professional membership. The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), the professional marketers’ group, establishes the benchmark for marketing professionals in the country. 

    The institution offers various programs, such as education, learning and development, and networking opportunities throughout Australia. AMI membership can help with job progress and professional satisfaction. 

    Please apply or contact AMI directly for further details about its membership services. 

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