Complete Guide To Know About Engineers Australia Skill Assessment

engineers australia skill assessment

Table Of Content

1. What is Engineers Australia Skill Assessment?
2. Pathways For Migration Skill Assessment By EA.
3. EA Skill Assessment Fee Structure
4. Process Of Skill Assessment By Engineers Australia
5. Skill Assessment Outcome And Validity
6. Review And Appeal Application
7. Why Choose CDR Writers?

Engineers Australia takes skill assessment for all qualified and skilled engineers who don’t have  qualification from Australian or from countries that are signatories of Washington Accord have to goes through the Competency Demonstration Report Pathway.

Applicants have to go through Engineers Australia Skill Assessment in order to grant successful skilled migration. 

If you are also one who is looking for the complete guide about Engineers Australia Skill Assessment, then you are here in the right place!! Here we have mentioned each and everything required before applying for skill assessment.

What is Engineers Australia Skill Assessment?

Engineer Australia is the designated assessing authority who is responsible for undertaking the Skill Assessment for Engineer who are willing to migrate to Australia as a skilled Engineer. Australia provide an opportunity for skilled and experienced candidate to live, study and work.

The ICT and Engineering sector in Australia have lots of vacant position for skilled personnel. Thus, EA is provides an opportunity to showcase your skill and enhance your career.

To successfully immigrate to Australia, candidate have to go through the skill assessment process which is taken by EA. Skill Assessment is the mandatory process before you lodge your visa application.

EA will measure applicant’s educational qualification, work experience, capability, skills and knowledge in the skill assessment. There is different path you can take for your migration skill assessment.

Pathways for Migration Skill Assessment by EA

There are total six pathways for migration skill assessment defined by Engineer Australia

1)  Accredited Qualification
  1. a) Australian Qualification
  2. b) Washington Accord Qualification
  3. c) Sydney Accord Qualification
  4. d) Dublin Accord Qualification
  5. e) Other Recognized Qualification
2)   Non Accredited Qualification
  1. a) Competency Demonstration Report(CDR)
employment reference letter

Skill Assessment Fee Structure

The application fee for migration skill assessment is already mentioned on the official website of Engineers AustraliaApplicants will be charged extra for the additional service offer to you. However, if you submit the standard assessment and additional service applications simultaneously, you will get a discount. 

You can make your payment via credit card or BPAY. Make sure to review your application before submitting it to Engineers Australia as they will not refund your fee.

Skill Assessment Process

The migration skill assessment process start with contacting the relevant assessing bodies for an assessment. Applicants can view the status of skill assessment from the Engineers Australia dashboard.

 If any documents requirements or missing files, assessor will ask you through email to complete the system tasks. Applicants can then log into their account portal and submit the requested information.

Skill Assessment Outcome and Validity

If your assessment has been accepted, Engineer Australia will send you an assessment outcome letter needed for migration reasons via email.

If you have nominated your skilled migration agents, it will be sent to your agent via email. Applicants can verify the outcome letter online on the assessment outcome verification page.

Now talking about the outcome letters validity, EA has no expiration date for the outcome letter. However, the department of home affairs validity policy differs from Engineers Australia. 

If the DOHA request an updated letter, you have to contact Engineers Australia for further instruction and the full payment form to receive an updated letter.

Review and Appeal Application

Have you received but not satisfy with an outcome letter from your EA assessor? Well you can submit a review and appeal application if you think your assessment did not come out as you have expected.

Applicants need to submit a review application within the three months of the date you receive your outcome letter.  For this you need to fill up the “application for review of outcome letter” form with the necessary changes. Also must include a cover letter explaining the reason for your review request.

You cannot add additional information that you have missed in your application. After a review application, if you are not satisfied with the review at that time you can again apply for an appeal.
Applicants have to submit an appeal application to the Engineers Australia after getting review outcome letter. 
Also have to apply within six months of getting your original outcome letter. You have to fill up the Application for Appeal and submit along with the appeal application fee. Appealing application to the EA assessors is the final process for the review.
EA will refund the fee submitted for the review and appeal application if these applications’ outcome is the same as the original assessment outcome letter and no additional documents were provided.

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