Top 6 Ways to Write a Perfect CDR

Introduction to CDR

Want to prepare perfect CDR report by yourselves with out doing any mistakes? Preparing CDR report is not tough job if you follow all the best ways carefully and ignore all the possible mistakes while writing report. 

CDR, Competency Demonstration Report is the document that testifies the proficiency, ability and qualification of the candidate. Engineers wishing to settle in Australia need to submit this document. It is analyzed by Engineers Australia and must follow the guidelines provided by MSA, Migration Skills Assessment.

The guidelines also allows the individual to choose their desired category of engineering. However, their skill and qualification must meet the standard set by the MSA.

perfect CDR report

Importance of a good CDR Report

CDR plays an important role in the acceptance of engineers who want to settle in Australia. A good CDR report will assess your qualification, knowledge and showcase your capabilities in the related field exceptionally while not deviating from the subject as well. Simple errors on CDR report may lead to rejection of your application.

Documents required to be submitted with CDR

  • Passport size photo not older than 6 months
  • Page of current passport with photo and name on it
  • Academic degree certificate
  • complete and official academic transcript
  • Updated CV or Resume
  • IELTS/ TOFEL iBT results
  • Name change documentation (if any)
  • Professional Reg. certificate (optional)
  • Documentary evidencces of employment for the last one year as well as employment as mentioned in career episode

Techniques you must include for a perfect CDR Report

With thousands of candidates applying every year, and your report being evaluated by exceptional engineers, it is very important for you to prepare a unique CDR report showcasing your qualifications and skills.

 Below mentioned are 6 main techniques you must include to create a perfect CDR.

Thorough review of MSA booklet

First and foremost, review the MSA booklet thoroughly. It consists of complete guideline on application process and the documents required during the process. Moreover, the booklet walks you through the steps of preparing the perfect CDR report. It also explains in detail the different category of engineers and the responsibility that follow and the standard you need to meet to be able to apply for your desired category.

Proper grammar

It is mandatory for you to translate all your documents and reports in Australian English, if possible. Also, do check for grammatical errors. If you are not able to do so yourself, seek help from a professional. Engineers Australia will be able to understand your documents if they are written in proper English and grammar.

Follow the standard steps

The MSA booklet has provided a standard steps to be followed while preparing your CDR report. The steps are,

  • Personal information
  • Application
  • Education
  • Skilled employment
  • Report

And then submit. Following these steps will ensure perfect CDR report.


Intentional or not, your content in your documents may match that of other candidates, online resources or previously present documents. Ensure that your content is strictly unique. Never copy and paste other’s content and use plagiarism checker to make sure that your reports are unparalleled to content of others.

Career Episode

Career Episode is where you demonstrate your engineering experience in your workplace. Here, it is mandatory to use first person pronouns and active voice while writing your content. Choose relevant and authentic workplace and include sufficient evidences of your engineering performance to support each career episode. Avoid using the same activity in two career episodes is a  feature of a perfect CDR report. In addition, include the problems that you faced and the measures you took to solve that problem.

Avoid unnecessary information

The word limit for a good CDR report is 1000 to 2500 words. You must prepare your CDR report within the given word limit and include all the required information. However, you must strictly avoid unnecessarily lengthening your report with irrelevant details like the year your company was established, etc.

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Overview of Top 6 Ways to Write a Perfect CDR

To prepare a perfect CDR report, it is crucial to follow the best practices and avoid mistakes. The CDR serves as a testament to your proficiency and qualifications, and it plays a significant role in the acceptance of engineers wanting to settle in Australia. A good CDR report showcases your capabilities, knowledge, and qualifications in the chosen engineering field. It is important to adhere to the guidelines provided by MSA and ensure that your report does not deviate from the subject. Simple errors in the CDR report can lead to rejection of your application.

To create a perfect CDR report, consider incorporating the following techniques:

1. Thoroughly review the guidelines and requirements provided by the assessing authority.

2. Clearly demonstrate your qualifications, skills, and experiences in the engineering field.

3. Use a professional and technical writing style, avoiding errors in grammar and spelling.

4. Showcase your unique qualities and contributions, making your CDR stand out among other applicants.

5. Seek feedback from professionals or utilize CDR writing services to enhance the quality of your report.

6. Finally, ensure that your CDR report aligns with the standards set by the MSA.

By following these techniques, you can increase the chances of creating a perfect CDR report that will impress the assessing authority. 


Q1. What is a CDR, and why is it crucial for engineers?
→A CDR, or Competency Demonstration Report, is a document required by Engineers Australia for engineers who want to migrate to Australia. It is crucial because it assesses an engineer’s qualifications, skills, and experiences to determine if they meet the standards set by the Australian engineering profession. The CDR showcases an engineer’s competency and plays a significant role in the acceptance of engineers wanting to settle in Australia.

Q2. How does a well-prepared CDR benefit engineers?
→A well-prepared CDR benefits engineers by increasing their chances of being accepted for migration to Australia. It showcases their skills, qualifications, and experiences, demonstrating their competency as an engineer. A successful CDR can open up opportunities for career growth and professional development in Australia.

Q3. Can I use a professional service for CDR writing?
→Yes, you can use a professional service for CDR writing. Professional services can provide guidance, review, and assistance in preparing a strong and well-structured CDR that meets the requirements set by Engineers Australia. They can help ensure that your CDR effectively showcases your skills and experiences as an engineer.

Q4. How do I ensure that my CDR is unique and not plagiarized?
→To ensure that your CDR is unique and not plagiarized, it is important to write it in your own words, based on your own experiences and achievements. Avoid copying content from other sources without proper attribution. Use plagiarism detection tools to check for unintentional similarities. It’s crucial to maintain the integrity and authenticity of your CDR.

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