CPD Statement Samples For Engineers Australia

Alongside a range of platforms for recording your CPD statement, Engineers Australia also provides you with a manual recording system for engineers to record and keep the CPD report in preparation for the Engineer Australia Assessment on your own. Check out the following CPD statement sample provided through Engineers Australia.

CPD Statement Sample For Engineers Australia

Are you looking for CPD statement samples for Engineers Australia? We are aware of how difficult it can be to create a CPD statement in your own time without a source. We’ve got you covered, providing you with the necessary information! We’ve provided all the important requirements to create the CPD report. Engineers Australia wants their members to keep and record continuous professional development records that help them increase their knowledge, keep up-to-date technical capabilities, and improve their careers in engineering.

As a skilled and professional engineer, it is essential to be aware of the importance of continuous learning as well as how to make the difference you need in your professional career. CPD provides you with a way to accomplish this. It gives you a chance to refresh your knowledge and show your skills to your colleagues and Engineers Australia.

What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development, or CPD, is a group of ideas, concepts, and strategies for keeping track of your growth and learning. CPD Statement includes everything that helps you learn new things, keep your current specialized skills sharp, and advance your engineering job. The CPD Statement puts a lot of weight on results or the benefits that professional development can bring to the real world. Support for CPD Statement activities could also help you make more business contacts and networks.

No matter what you want to do or where you are in your job, your CPD statement should be unique to you. During this time, your CPD records and statements of experience will be looked over. The amount of hours of CPD you earned in the three years before the registration process will determine when your review takes place, though. The technical area you know a lot about should make up half of your CPD efforts.

Components of CPD Statement

There are four major components of the continuing professional development statement described by Engineers Australia Standard.

Personal Dedication

This section provides guidelines on how to act ethically and remain accountable for your engineering work.

Community Obligations

This is the way you participate as a group, handle risk and come up with long-term strategies.

Workplace Value

This refers to your ability to be active in the workplace, as well as your ability to collaborate and make decisions.

Expertise in Technical Fields

This is how you display your engineering abilities with creativity, innovation, and awe.

Basic Continuing Professional Development requirement

In the three previous years, applicants’ CPD record must have been a minimum of 150 hours. The applicants must work hours as per the following pattern out of the 150 hours.

  • A minimum of 50 hours must be spent in your specialization
  • At least 10 hours of experience in the field of risk management
  • At a minimum of 15 hours, corporate or management expertise is needed.
  • The remainder of the hours are used to pay for the applicant’s actions throughout their professional career.

Lecturers and academics in engineering must prove that they have completed at the minimum of 40 hours of CPD in a professional context which meets the mentioned criteria.

Types of CPD

Basically, there are two distinct kinds of CPD, either formal or informal.

Formal CPD

Formal CPD is typically organized and comprises engaging and participatory activities like attending workshops, training courses and workshops, seminars, special interest groups, regional group events, taking E-learning courses, giving presentations in writing, presenting articles or writing at conferences.

These kinds of activities can be easily evaluated and confirmed by attendance certificate tests, results of tests, the preparation of written material, etc.

Informal CPD

Self-assessed or informal CPD isn’t as well-structured.

The most common activities are studying relevant publications, including news articles, podcasts as well as case studies, trade publications, and industry news. Additionally, it can include studying and revision to prepare for professional examinations as well as reading specific news feeds for industry, or conducting research on relevant areas.


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CPD Activities

Engineers Australia specifies CPD requirements, which every applicant must adhere to when preparing the CPD statement. It has identified eight types of CPD activities, as well as the number of hours earned with each.

  1. Any course in tertiary education that was taken by an engineer either as an individual course or for an official post-graduate award.


  • Your course of study could be on campus or through distance education.
  • Every course activity must include some type of assessment test for skills.
  1. Short classes, seminars, workshops, discussion groups, conferences and technical gatherings.


  • Technical meeting, including Engineers Australia presentation.
  • Workshops and seminars are presented by third-party experts who are experts in their field.
  1. Workshops are a way to learn, which increases skills in the field of practice.


  • Seminars, workshops, or discussion forums for experienced employees.
  1. Private study that enhances your skills and knowledge


  • A private study that emphasized the study of journals, books, documents, transactions, manuals, etc.
  • This information must be recorded after having read the article to ensure auditing reasons.
  1. Community Engagement, which is part of the engineering team.


Engineering profession could comprise

  • As a volunteer for the engineering on committees and boards
  • As a panelist on Tertiary course-approved visits.
  • Interviewers are charted assessment panels for status.
  • The review of technical documents ahead of publication.
  1. The creation and presentation of materials for seminars, classes and courses.
  2. Other structured activities that are not included in the A to F above that are in line with the CPD policies on objectives.
  3. NER registered users could claim credits for 10 hours working in an organization which has a third-party management system that is in compliance with.

Overview of CPD Engineers Australia Sample

In the end, creating an efficient Continuing Professional Development (CPD) statement for Engineers Australia is a critical process for engineers who want to be recognized and progress in their careers as engineers. The CPD statement is an exhaustive record of continuous learning, experiences, and contributions to the field. By meticulously documenting your professional development and demonstrating your commitment to ongoing learning, you are able to show your knowledge and commitment to the engineering profession.

Be sure to tailor your CPD declaration to reflect your unique accomplishments and contributions. A well-written CPD statement demonstrates a commitment to professional development and sets the foundation for continual growth and achievement in the engineering field. Engineers continue to improve their skills and knowledge through carefully crafted CPD statements; they not only meet the demands that are set by Engineers Australia but also contribute to the advancement of the profession of engineering.