About Engineer Australia Skill Assessment Validity

When applying for a skilled worker visa, you must have an excellent skill assessment result. Engineers Australia is Australia’s official examining authority for all engineering professionals. They take into account a variety of traits, including your education, work experience, and English proficiency. Once you have received the evaluation results for your selected pathway, you may submit your migration application.

Engineers Australia  is the official evaluating authority for all engineering jobs. They performs skill assessment test to examine your academic qualifications, work experience, English level, and so on. You can apply for migration once you have received the evaluation result for your preferred option

To those who wish to immigrate to Australia through the Points Test Skilled Migration system, Engineers Australia (EA) offers Migration Skills Assessment (MSA).

The evaluation result from Engineer Australia will be valid for lifetime. Meanwhile, the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) requires that the assessment notification should not exceed more than three years from the time of migration application.

After that, you must contact the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) to renew the assessment letter. You have to return the original letter to MSA along with payment form before receiving updated letter.

Learn About Engineers Australia Skill Assessment Validity

Engineers Australia is the evaluating authority for the migration skills evaluation process (EA). Any applicant who wants to work as an engineer in Australia should be required to provide Engineers Australia with evidence of their qualifications, such as a CDR report or other document.

How reliable are Engineers Australia's competence assessments?

Once your assessment is finished, an email with your assessment outcome letter acceptable for migration needs will be delivered to you. Your result letter will be emailed to your migration agent if you have authorized one to follow up on your behalf.  If an electronic letter cannot be provided, it will be delivered by regular mail; there may be a price for this service.

By inputting the application data on the Assessment Outcome Verification website, the outcome letters may be examined online.

Basic requirement to apply for Engineer Australia Skill Assessment

Choose your assessment pathway

Migration skill assessment pathway is categorized into two parts. They are:

  1. Accredited Qualification
  • Australian Qualification
  • Washington Accord Qualifications
  • Sydney Accord Qualification
  • Dublin Accord Qualification
  • Other Recognized Qualification
  1. Non-Accredited Qualification

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

Focus on providing proof of English language skills.

If you are applying to have your skills assessed by Engineers Australia, you must provide proof of English language ability.

Result of English language Test as a part of skill assessment

IELTS, TOEFL iBT, and PTE ACADEMIC are the test result that are preferred by Engineer Australia. For PTE, applicant are required to send their PTE Academic score to Engineer Australia using Pearson’s online site that will confirm the result.

Validation of English Test result

Engineer Australia accepts the above mentioned test score which are less than 3 years old when submitted.

Is it possible to apply for the engineer Australia skill assessment with limited engineering skill ?

Yes, it is possible to submit application even you have few engineering experience since the previous job experience is not required. You can present your ability by addressing undergraduate engineering degree and academic background along with project you participated.

 Know your qualification is accredited or not

Please use the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) website Qualification Checker to ensure that your qualification has been certified by the relevant body of the signatory country. Remember that your certification is approved program before applying from Accredited Qualification pathway. You will not be refunded if your qualification is found to be unaccredited.

Meaning of Fast Track

On choosing fast track option application will be processed more quickly. Moreover, it will assigned to an assessor in Fast Track Timeframe. There is also an option for requesting Fast Track service after submission of your application.

Knowledge of basic questionnaire

It is plus point if applicants understands major aspects of skill assessment for Australian Migration.

Relevant employment on outcome letter

Applicants must submit an application for Relevant Skilled Employment and pay a fee to a separate employment evaluation agency. If you did not request this additional service, you will not notice your employment in the outcome letter. If you apply for the service, you will only get an outcome letter if you were successful in obtaining skilled work.

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