RPL For Australia: Complete Guide

Do you want to work in IT in Australia? What if we told you that you can live your ambition of working and living as an ICT specialist in Australia? Yes, it is simple to compete with an RPL for Australia. How do we get started?

The first step is to learn “What is ACS RPL and how to prepare for it?”. This article provides all of the answers to your ACS RPL questions. Let’s start!

RPL For Australia: Complete Guide

What is RPL Australia?

An RPL Australia document is submitted to the Australian Computer Society (ACS). It is essential for IT professionals who want to demonstrate their skills, knowledge, and experience to obtain a formal qualification. It is also necessary for those who wish to migrate to Australia as qualified IT professionals.

This document is part of the “Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)” application process, one of the four ACS pathways. It is ideal for IT professionals who either lack formal IT qualifications or have qualifications with minimal IT content. RPL in Australia helps these candidates make up for their lack of academic credentials.

Who needs an RPL for Australia?

  • Individuals with experience in the ICT field applying for skilled migration to Australia
  • Individuals with tertiary qualifications that have little or no ICT content
  • Individuals who lack tertiary qualifications recognized by the Australian government
  • Individuals seeking Australian recognition or certifications for their skills and experience in the ICT sector

Benefits of RPL Australia

With RPL, you can reap numerous benefits, such as:

Demonstration of competence


It is a professional means for showcasing real-world experience, such as previous projects and successes, as well as your ICT proficiency.

Save time and money


An RPL Report allows you to skip the process of obtaining a college degree in your relevant ICT industry. You can simply avoid the task of ‘learning’ ICT skills and expertise. Most importantly, selecting this option allows you to save thousands of dollars.

Skilled Migration to Australia


ICT professionals commonly use this report for ACS skills assessment for skilled migration to Australia. However, the visa options differ depending on your specific ICT occupation.

Check out the ACS ANZSCO CODE list to find your occupation and visa options.

Ensure Career Progression


Australia is home to many technologically driven companies and projects. This abundance of organizations and ventures offers ICT professionals opportunities to work and grow. When applicants receive a positive assessment for their ACS RPL, they can move to Australia and start working. Additionally, they can leverage their experience and expertise for career growth in their chosen industry.

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    Why is the ACS RPL report important for Australian PR?

    The ACS RPL report is crucial for individuals working in the IT field who want to gain Australian PR. It is the link that enables them to meet the Australian Department of Home Affairs requirements using their skills and experience. Even without a formal ICT qualification, ACS RPL report provides a platform for one to show their capability hence qualifying them for permanent residency.

    Having a recognized qualification while seeking a job in Australia where competition is high enhances chances of securing an opportunity for work that requires high levels of skills. Through this documentation, professionals in the field of Information Technology can attract potential employers by demonstrating their skills which make them fit candidates and also proving their eligibility for skilled migration.

    Furthermore, the ACS RPL report is consistent with the Australian government’s efforts to bring in more professionals with expertise into its ICT sector so as they can fill up gaps that exist due to shortage of skilled workers locally available. Australia needs to assess international IT experts’ knowledge through RPL evaluation hence realizing its goal of having different people from all over the world contribute towards building a strong ICT industry within their borders.

    Eligibility Criteria: Who can Prepare RPL for Australia?

    There are two main criteria to be eligible for the RPL pathway:

    1.If your qualification is evaluated as an AQF Diploma or higher but lacks sufficient ICT content, you will need:

    • 6 years of relevant work experience
    • A suitable RPL application

    2.If you do not have a recognized tertiary educational qualification, you will need:

    • 8 years of relevant work experience
    • Suitable RPL application

    Format of RPL for Australia ACS

    The report typically includes 2 Sections:

    Section 1: Body of ICT Knowledge

    Section 1 has two topics:

    • Professionalism as it applies in ICT
    • Core ICT Knowledge

    Section 2: The Project Report Forms (In-depth ICT Knowledge)

    When writing section 2 of the RPL report, we include the following:

    • Project Summary
    • Business Opportunity or Problems
    • Solutions
    • Results

    Can I Prepare ACS RPL for Australia?

    Writing this report can be intimidating, and you might feel overwhelmed by its requirements and guidelines.

    In this situation, you have two options:

    1. Research and learn how to write an ACS RPL Report on your own. Here are some important tips:
    • Find your ACS ANZSCO code on the ACS website.
    • Review ACS guidelines, report structure, and content to write. [For detailed information, read our article on ACS RPL Guidelines.]
    • Collect evidence and documents required to claim your ICT skills.

    After completing these steps, you can download the ACS RPL form and start preparing the report yourself.

    1. If you lack confidence in writing it, you can approach RPL report writing agencies for assistance.

    Why Choose ‘’ as your Professional ACS RPL Writer?

    CDR Writers is a reputable provider of report-writing services in Australia. With us, you can expect a flawless and impressive RPL Report that is likely to yield a positive outcome in your ACS skill assessment.

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    1. What are the ethical requirements to follow when submitting RPL and other documents?

    When submitting your ACS RPL documentation, you must adhere to the ACS Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. If you are found violating the rules, you may face the following consequences:

    • Application terminated due to “unsuitable” outcomes.
    • A restriction on reapplying
    • No reimbursement of the application fee

    2. Will I receive feedback on my RPL if my application gets rejected?

    Yes. If your RPL application is refused, ACS will usually notify you. They will also explain the various reasons for ACS RPL Report Rejection. This feedback can be used to enhance and reapply as needed.

    If you don’t want to be rejected and lose your money on the ACS RPL charge, you may always use inexpensive RPL review services.

    3. What after RPL submission for ACS assessment?

    You must wait till the ACS processing time. After completing your RPL assessment, ACS assessors will update the status’ in your ACS portal.