Migration Skill Assessment FAQs for Engineers Australia

migration skill assessment faqs

Table of Contents

  • Migration skill assessment FAQs regarding Engineers Australia membership
  • Before Applying for membership
  • Queries regarding lodging of application
  • Queries regarding the assessment

Are you worried about your migration skill assessment? You might have lots of questions in your mind regarding it. Here are some information related to migration skill assessment.

Migration skill assessment or MSA is required for those applicants who are seeking for skill assessment as a part of their application for skilled migration visa to Department of Home Affairs. The MSA determines whether applicant possess the knowledge, abilities and experience necessary to do the job they have chosen in Australia.

The successful outcome of MSA can be used for visa application to Home Affairs for migration purposes. The outcome letter of migration skill assessment includes skilled date that is considered by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) for the applicant to be first skilled work in nominated occupation.

Due to huge opportunities in different engineering sector in Australia, applicants for migration skill assessment have increased enormously. Lots of the candidates seek for professional help to successfully complete the assessment. In this article we will discussing some Migration skill assessment FAQs by the applicants.

Migration skill assessment FAQs regarding Engineers Australia Membership

What should I do to apply for my Migration skill assessment if I am member of Engineers Australia?

You must submit an online application for a Migration Skills Assessment, selecting the option appropriate to your eligibility for membership.

  • Select the Australian Qualifications track if you have qualifications that have received Australian accreditation.
  • Choose the Accord pathway if you have Accord Qualifications.
  • You should select the CDR pathway if you have already undergone a Stage 1 Assessment.

This service is subject to an Administration Pricing in accordance with the EA fee schedule if this is your first Migration Skills Assessment and you are looking for an assessment in the same engineering category as your membership.

Please be aware that the Engineering Occupation and Category results of the Migration Skills Assessment may differ from the results of the Stage 1 assessment.

How can I be a part of Engineers Australia after successful migration skill assessment?

  • First, create an ED ID
  • Then, confirm membership type
  • Submit application for membership
  • Pay membership fee.
  • Get membership confirmation

Before applying for membership

What should I do in order to assess my engineering qualification for migration purposes?

Selecting your assessment pathway comes first. Please read the guidelines before online application. Then you may begin submitting your application by logging into myPortal.

Do I have to present proof of my proficiency in English?

Yes, all the applicants who are having their skill evaluated by Engineers Australia should present the proof of their proficiency in English language.

Which English test results may I include in my evaluation of my skills?

The results currently accepted by us are IELTSM, TOEFL iBT and PTE ACADEMIC.

Please note: The test that are not accepted currently are TOEFL PBT and Cambridge English tests. In case of PTE, you must transmit your PTE Academic score to “Engineers Australia” using Pearson’s secure online site in order for us to authenticate your results. For comprehensive information on how to accomplish so, please visit Pearson’s website.

What are the accepted score for my English proficiency test?

The minimum required score for each module is indicated in following table:





















Does Engineers Australia accept exam results from multiple tests?

If more than one test result is valid at the time the application is submitted and the necessary score is obtained for each module at least once, they may accept multiple test results on a case-by-case basis.

They will accept a mix of multiple TOEFL iBT® or multiple IELTS, but NOT a mix of the two distinct exams.

For Example:

As long as both tests are still valid at the time of submission, providing the results of both tests below would be acceptable.






Test 1





Test 2





How long will the results of my English exam be valid?

IELTS, TOEFL iBT, and PTE Academic English test scores must be no more than three years old at the time Engineers Australia receives your application starting on March 1, 2021.

I haven’t done much engineering before. Can I still submit an application for a qualification evaluation in engineering?

You may still apply, of course. Please be aware that work experience is not a need. You can use your undergraduate engineering degree and the project/work experience components of your academic education to demonstrate your abilities.

Keep in mind that if you have relevant experience that is twelve months or more, or if the work experience serves as the foundation for a Career Episode, you must submit an employer reference letter.

What is meaning of “Fast Track”?

Your application will be processed more quickly and allocated to an assessor within the Fast Track period on the EA website if you choose our “Fast Track” option.

On the EA website, you can find the current processing time for a migration skills assessment. You can choose the Fast Track service option when you submit your application or you can submit your Fast Track service request online following the submission.

But the length of time it takes to hear back totally relies on the caliber of the submitted application. In other words, if the application is fully decision-ready, it can be finished a few days after being assigned to a case officer.

However, it is your responsibility to supply the supplementary documents as soon as possible if the assessor requests it. Returning applications do not enter the queue again; instead, they are assigned straight to the assessor.

Engineers Australia is not liable for the time it takes for evaluations to be completed as a result of incomplete or inaccurate applications.

What should I do if the spelling of my name is not same in different documents?

Usually, Engineers Australia will regard the name on your passport as your legal name. If your name appears differently on multiple papers or if you use a different spelling, you must present formal name-change documentation, which may include a marriage certificate, a publication in the gazette, and an official letter or certificate from the registry.

Please be aware that a Statutory Declaration or Affidavit will not be recognized as a legal document confirming a name change.

Queries regarding the lodging of application

Can an EA ID be created on my behalf by a migration agent?

You must give your agent your EA ID, CID, or membership number if you already have one. Your agent will be able to generate a number for you if you don’t already have one.

Should I apply for a new EID number if I already have a CID number of membership number?

No, you should just apply for a password and continue to use your Engineers Australia ID number. You can begin submitting an online application by logging into myPortal with your current ID number and password.

I’ve applied for an Engineers Australia ID, but I haven’t gotten one yet (EA ID). What should I do?

Please email them if, after submitting your application online, you still haven’t received your EA ID number within 5-7 working days.

Can I add other services to an already started or submitted application, such a PhD evaluation or a work experience assessment?

You must terminate the application that is not submitted by selecting cancel and begin a new application if you want to add the extra services to an initiated but not yet submitted application. You may choose the kind of service you need at the beginning of every new application, and you can even add more services at this time.

Queries regarding the Assessment

What should I do if my assessor needs more documents?

First off, double check that you have sent in your application all the required papers as stated on our MSA Booklet. Based on the information and documentation given, a decision will be taken. If there are any errors, there may not be any more correspondence.

A request for further information will be issued to you via MyPortal if your assessor needs more details or supporting documentation. You will have one month to respond to the request.

By selecting “Supply Extra Information,” you may view the specifics of your assessor’s demands. You should then provide the necessary documentation and additional information. On the basis of all the information and documents supplied, including the supplemental information and documentation, a decision will be made regarding your application.

How does the online verification of the assessment works?

By completing the necessary elements on the outcome verification page, you can make your outcome visible to other parties, including the DIBP.  Your evaluation date, the occupational category you were given, and a copy of your outcome letter will be visible to outsiders. Through their password-protected access, DIBP case officers have access to extra information on your application.

What is the validation period of the assessment letter for migration purpose? Do I require a Duplicate letter?

Engineers Australia will be able to use the assessment results forever, however according to what we understand, DIBP requires that the assessment notice be no older than three years at the time of a migration application. After this period, if you still need an updated letter of assessment, get in touch with our Member Service Team.

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