Engineers Australia Fees For CDR Skills Assessment


If you want to start your engineering career in Australia, you need to know about the Engineers Australia Fees for Engineers Australia’s migration skills assessment. The fee details for 2023 to 2024 are on the Engineers Australia website.

Engineers Australia is the leading organization that approves and checks engineering skills in Australia. This assessment is a crucial step for getting permanent residency. This blog will explain the process, the fees, and why this assessment is essential.

Engineers Australia fees for CDR skills assessment

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    Why is Engineering Australia's Skills Assessment required?

    Engineers Australia checks your qualifications to assess whether you are eligible or not to work in Australia as an engineer. Engineers Australia provides one with an MSA outcome letter before lodging a visa application, which would prove that a person is qualified to practice as an Engineer in Australia.

    This letter is in line with Australian immigration rules and thus maximizes the opportunity for several types of visas, including the Skilled—Independent visa or the Skilled—Nominated visa, subclass 190. Each of these visas is extremely popular among qualified workers. Due to Engineers Australia’s positive assessment, a customer’s chance of success is very high.

    Australia uses a points-based system to select skilled migration visas. Higher points are based on age, language ability in English, work experience, and qualifications.

    Your points score reflects this, and a positive Engineers Australia skills assessment will significantly increase your likelihood of success for an Australian visa. Engineers Australia offers extra services combined with their assessment for a little more in their fee.

    These extra services include priority processing of your application, assessment of overseas engineering PhD qualifications, and work experience invitations, which then lead to a more relevant skilled work experience evaluation.

    The assessment is necessary for several reasons:

    1. Need for Skilled Visa Application

    Before applying, meet the requirements of the  Engineering Australia Skills Assessment.

    2. Authentication of Genuine Engineering Professional

    Excellent English language skills are the key to success in your workplaces all over Australia. Enroll in English courses and conversation groups. You can also track online resources and get involved in language exchange programs to improve your language skills.

    3. Support for Visa Application

    The EA-approved letter is an important support document for an individual’s visa application to the Department of Home Affairs. It simply explains that a candidate holds the necessary qualifications and experience according to their Engineering Australia assessment. It also shows that they satisfy the standards required in engaging in any practicing engineering profession within Australia.

    4. More Points for Work Experience

    The Engineering Australia Skills Assessment can award additional points for work experience in years. This will be easy for people who really want to get a skilled visa.

    Step-by-Step Guide for Skills Assessment

    This is a step-by-step guide to the skills assessment of Engineers Australia.

    1. Follow the Migration Skills Assessment Application Booklet

    Engineers should read the MSA Booklet before starting the skills assessment process. This will help them understand the requirements and checklists needed for a successful application, as explained below.

    2. Choose an appropriate pathway

    Choosing the correct route is a significant part of the skills assessment process. Other chapters will detail the different routes and associated costs.

    3. Gathering all required documents

    Planning for an online skill assessment requires gathering all the necessary documents. A checklist for both accredited and non-accredited Qualifications ensures that applications are processed smoothly.


    The critical step is the application itself. Understanding what is required and the accuracy of the information supplied are important variables for a successful assessment.

    Checklists for Accredited and Non-Accredited Qualifications

    The checklists for accredited and non-accredited qualifications are listed below:

    1. Accredited Qualifications Checklist

    If you have accredited qualifications, you will require the following documents:

    Accredited Qualifications Checklist

    • Photo from a recent passport  
    • A valid passport
    • Certificate of your college degree
    • A copy of your academic transcript
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • IELTS, PTE Academic, and TOEFL iBT exam results
    • Any document relating to a name change
    • Color scans of the original papers for all documents

    2. Non-Accredited Qualifications Checklist

    If you don’t have accredited qualifications, you need to submit a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) with:

    • Photo from a recent passport
    • A valid passport
    • Certificate of a college degree
    • A copy of your academic transcript
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Exam results for IELTS, PTE Academic, and TOEFL iBT.
    • Any document relating to a name change
    • A certificate of registration that is relevant
    • Employment documentation, such as a letter of recommendation and paycheck slips
    • CPD list
    • 3 Career Episodes
    • Summary Statement
    • All documents contain color images of the original papers.

    Pathways for Migration Skills Assessment

    The following are two methods for assessing migration skills:

    1. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Pathway

    The CDR pathway is for people who accredit qualifications or come from a non-signatory nation. The EA migration skills assessment assists in evaluating and validating educational qualifications. It also checks the skills and professional experiences claimed to be part of an applicant’s portfolio seeking immigration.

    2. Accord Pathways

    The accord pathways include the Washington Accord, Australia Qualification, Sydney Accord, and Dublin Accord. Each path would be chosen depending on whether the qualification has an accreditation status and the country of origin.

    Engineering Australia Skills Assessment

    The EA Skills Assessment is a professional evaluation by the Engineers Australia authorized personnel. Its purpose is to verify a person’s qualifications and claimed duties for immigration purposes. The Australian Government sets the parameters for assessment from time to time based on their ruling.

    Understanding the Points System

    Australia uses a points-based immigration system to assess applicants looking for a skilled migration visa. These include your age, ability in English, work experience, and qualifications. A positive result from your skills assessment is beneficial in the points-based system for gaining an Australian visa, hence improving your chances of getting that Australian visa.

    Engineers Australia Skills Assessment Fees (2023 to 2024)

    International Accords Qualification Assessment Fees


    Fee excl.


    Fee incl.



    Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord qualification assessment



    Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord qualification assessment plus

    relevant skilled employment assessment



    Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord qualification assessment plus

    overseas PhD assessment



    Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord qualification assessment plus

    relevant skilled employment assessment plus

    overseas engineering PhD assessment



    Australian Accredited Engineering Qualification Assessment Fees


    Fee excl.


    Fee incl.



    Australian engineering qualification assessment



    Assessment of Australian engineering qualifications, as well as corresponding skilled employment assessment.



    Assessment of Australian engineering qualifications, as well as assessment of abroad engineering PhDs.



    Assessment of Australian engineering qualifications, suitable skilled employment, and a foreign engineering PhD.



    Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Engineers Australia Fees


    Fee excl.



    Fee incl.



    Standard competency demonstration report



    Competency demonstration report, includes necessary skilled employment assessment.



    Competency demonstration report and abroad engineering PhD assessment



    Competency demonstration report, appropriate skilled employment assessment, and foreign engineering PhD assessment.



    EA Skills Assessment Pathways

    1. Accredited Qualifications Pathways

    If you have certified qualifications, you have four options:

    a. Australian Qualifications

    If you have an authorized Australian engineering degree.

    b. Washington Accord Qualifications

    A four-year bachelor’s degree in engineering with the same title as in the approved qualifications list.

    c. Sydney Accord Qualifications

    A 3-year bachelor’s degree in engineering with the same title as the accredited qualifications list.

    d. Dublin Accord Qualifications

    A qualification that is not accredited but has the same title as the authorized qualifications list.

    2. Non-Accredited Qualifications Pathways

    For non-accredited qualifications, applicants have to apply through the CDR Skill Assessment pathway. Applications are assessed under this pathway by submitting a report demonstrating competencies in the area of engineering practiced by the applicant.

    a. Prepare your application

    Start an online application and save for later. Check the requirements for your assessment type chosen.

    b. Submit your application

    You will first need to create your account on the EA online website. Then select one route to assessment. Attach all supporting documents and submit. See the online application guidance below for more information. You will be sent an email if this has been submitted.

    c. Receive your assessment outcome

    An outcome letter will be mailed to your email for your records upon processing. If successful, you will have a valid outcome letter.

    d. Review the outcome

    If you are not satisfied, request a review within three months. You can then appeal within six months if unsatisfied. Note: Engineers Australia does not give migration advice and does not issue any points.

    If you want to practice engineering on Australian soil, there is one sure way through which that is possible—through skills assessment. The Australian Department of Home Affairs has contracted Engineers Australia to run this procedure.


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    Creating a CDR Report may be difficult due to Engineers Australia’s standards and rules ( EA ). Our experienced engineers have assisted many people in obtaining approval for their report from the EA via the use of powerful projects.

    Additional Services Explained

    1. Fast-Track Applications

    Engineers Australia provides free fast-track skills assessments to eligible engineers until 29 February 2024. Otherwise, you can apply at a fee if you do not meet their requirements for the prior assessment. It is in this avenue which will offer you an assessor who allocates your application in 20 business days.

    How good the documents you provided determine the timing of the outcome. Before starting to work on your fast track application, please read the instructions for the skills assessment.

    You can log into your Portal account you have submitted the fast-track application to view it. The assessment process will keep updating your progress until completion. You may also write to enquire about the status of your fast-track application.

    2. Additional Services Fees


    Fee excl.



    Fee incl.



    Fast-track assessment fee (additional to MSA assessment fee)



    Separate relevant skilled employment assessment



    Separate overseas engineering PhD assessment



    Separate relevant skilled employment assessment plus overseas engineering PhD assessment



    Review fee



    Appeal fee



    Standard administration fee



    3. Assessment of Overseas Engineering PhD Qualifications

    Engineers Australia provides services for the assessment of overseas engineering PhD qualifications to ensure their equivalence with regard to an Australian Engineering PhD for the purposes of migration. Note: This assessment is optional if you have obtained your PhD in Australia.

    4. Review of Relevant Skilled Employment

    The Engineers Australia assessment validity reviews documentary evidence of your employment history. This is available to all individuals from the engineering occupation categories, except the mandatory part of the assessment for engineering managers.


    Knowing these Engineers Australia fees is very important for engineers willing to work or move to Australia. Moreover, it will give you an idea of how to plan your move and be part of the Australian engineering world. Keeping yourself up-to-date about the fee structure and guidelines ensures you are on a successful career path for an engineering profession in Australia.

    For engineers looking toward migration services, has come out to be one of the finest services available. You are free to contact us for an absolutely free consultation regarding CDR reports, RPL reports, ACS Skills Assessments, and CDR writing services.