Engineering Technologist Immigration in Australia

Engineering Technologist Immigration in Australia‚Äč

Engineers have always seen Australia as a land of opportunity. Engineering jobs are in high demand, and you have several options. You can work in telecommunications, construction, mining, information technology, and pharmaceuticals, among other fields.

Once you graduate as an engineering student, you can receive 5 Permanent Residency (PR) points. Use the 44-week Professional Year Program to gain a better understanding of your country’s workforce. The PY Engineering Program offers engineering internship placement and training to graduates of Australian colleges.

Engineering Technologist is a subunit of 233: Engineering Professionals. All occupations in this unit group require a bachelor’s degree or higher. ANZSCO – 233914 Engineering Technologist analyzes, develops, and applies new and current engineering technologies to test and execute engineering projects. You must register or obtain a license as an Engineering Technologist. However, for ANZSCO Skill Level 1, additional work experience or job training in the indicated occupation is required; Engineers Australia may train a candidate with an Engineering Technologist degree in a variety of other professions.

Skill Level Engineering Technologist

Engineering Technologist is a member of unit group 233.

The majority of occupations in this unit category require a bachelor’s degree or other additional training. However, additional work experience or job preparation in the claimed occupation is required for ANZSCO Skill Level 1.

Specialization Sector

Engineers Australia has listed the following occupations for applicants with the unit group of 233:

Aeronautical Engineering (ANZSCO 233911) Technologist

Agricultural Engineering (ANZSCO 233912) Technologist

Biomedical Engineering (ANZSCO 233913) Technologist

Chemical Engineering (ANZSCO 233111) Technologist

Industrial Engineering (ANZSCO 233511) Technologist

Mining Engineering (ANZSCO 233611) Technologist

The ANZSCO 233914 Engineering Technologist is on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). State Nomination is available in various states, including Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, and Melbourne, for Visa Classes 190 and 491.

Visa option for engineering technologist

Engineers Australia has established a number of visa options for Engineering Technologist applicants, one of which is General Skilled Migration.

Skilled Independent Subclass 189

Skilled Nominated Subclass 190

Skilled Work Regional Subclass 491

Apart from above visa option, other includes 186, 187, 189, 189(PT) ,190, 407, TSS*, 485(GW), 491, 491(ST/ES), 491(F).

Occupation Ceiling Value for an engineering technologist

The Occupation value has been extended to several skilled regional visas, implying that the range of EOIs for Skilled Migration in the occupation category will be limited. Removal is possible for the State or Territory Nominated, Employer-Sponsored/Business Innovation and Investment, and Business Innovation and Investment visa subclasses.

This prevents fewer occupations from dominating the professional migration plan. Once the quota has been met, no further invitations will be issued for that year. The Engineering Technologist occupation ceiling rating is 1000 for 2020-21, with only 32 invitations issued in total.

Engineering technologist average salary

Professional technical tools are used by engineering technologists for a variety of applications. They are in charge of inspecting and testing a new product. They provide solutions to technical issues that may arise during the production, design, inspection, sales, or manufacturing phases. Data is collected, materials are supervised, and engineers are given project assistance. Engineers currently earn $84,830 per year, or $43.50 per hour, with senior positions paying up to $110,833 per year.


  1. Creating industry guidelines and rules for installation, feedback, testing, alterations, development, efficiency, monitoring, recording, repair, and inspection.
  2. Inspecting the preparations to ensure maximum output.
  3. Offering assistance with any construction or equipment planning proposal in order to establish a connection with management in the design of new assessments, products, and repair work.
  4. Preparing the builders and pre-specifying the plan’s construction and facility acquisitions.
  5. The panels have been scheduled, and the engineering experts have detailed the manufacturing processes.

Skill Assessment by Engineer Australia

Engineers Australia will be in charge of evaluating skills in this Engineering field. Candidates must submit a Competency Demonstration Report that reflects their experience, abilities, and specialist qualification, according to the Migration Skill Assessment.

Preparing Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

Engineers must prepare a Competency Demonstration Report in order to obtain a Skilled Migration visa (CDR). The CDR report demonstrates your knowledge and experience in the ANZSCO profession of your choice. Engineers Australia has been given the authority to assess qualifications and has detailed the numerous requirements that must be met.

The positive outcome of your CDR study will help you file your visa application. The CDR article contains three career episodes, summary statements, and a section on Continuing professional development (CPD).

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