The Top Engineering Jobs in Demand in Australia for 2023

Top Engineering Jobs in Demand in Australia for 2023

Engineering Jobs in Demand in Australia

If you’re considering a career in engineering in Australia, it’s important to know which jobs are in demand. The engineering field has been continuously expanding as a result of the industries’ rapid development and growth, providing new employment prospects. The top engineering jobs in demand in Australia for 2023 will be covered in this blog. The nation’s engineering industry is strong and provides numerous career possibilities in a variety of industries. These sectors include medicines, information technology, construction, mining, and telecommunications. The most promising work opportunities and career choices for aspiring engineers can be identified by being aware of which engineering roles are in demand in Australia.

List of the engineering jobs demands in Australia for 2023

Find out about the top engineering jobs in demand in Australia for 2023 and learn how to take your career to the next level. How much do Engineers earn in Australia? Below are the engineering jobs that are most sought-after in Australia for 2023, along with their job descriptions and salary ranges:

Mechanical Engineer Jobs in Demand

Mechanical engineers are experienced people whose job it is to design, develop, and produce equipment and systems that use mechanical energy to carry out operations or move objects. They work in a variety of engineering disciplines, including automotive, biomedical, construction, medical, computer, and electronics, as well as aerospace and automobile. In Australia, the average yearly salary for a mechanical engineer is $110,000, or $56.41 per hour. Entry-level positions typically start at $90,000 per year, while experienced engineers can earn up to $156,000 annually.

Project Engineer Jobs in Demand

Project engineers are professionals who manage a project’s whole lifespan, from the project’s genesis through its effective conclusion. They cooperate with project teams to make sure that all tasks are carried out according to the plan and on time. In Australia, the average annual salary for a project engineer is $120,000, or $61.54 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level positions typically start at $100,001 per year, although experienced project engineers can earn up to $180,000 annually.

Mining Engineer Jobs in Demand

Mining engineers are qualified professionals who focus on the extraction of metals and minerals from the earth. They have the skills and training required to operate in a variety of mining sites, including open-pit, underground, and surface mines. An hourly rate of $76.28 is the typical yearly salary in Australia for a mining engineer, which amounts to $148,750 annually. Beginning salaries for entry-level roles typically start at $125,000 annually, but mining engineers with expertise can make up to $194,000 annually.

Electrical Engineer Jobs in Demand

Electrical engineers are in charge of designing, constructing, and maintaining electrical systems in a variety of settings, including houses, buildings, and machines. Installing electrical wiring, power distribution systems, and electrical equipment is part of their duties. The average annual salary for electrical engineers in Australia is $110,636, which equates to a $56.74 hourly compensation. Entry-level positions normally start at $93,766 per year, while highly qualified electrical engineers can make up to $155,300 annually.

Civil Engineer Jobs in Demand

Planning, creating, and maintaining infrastructure, such as buildings, roads, bridges, canals, dams, and water and wastewater systems, are the responsibilities of civil engineers. In addition to environmental engineering, structural engineering, water resource management, and transportation engineering, they work in many other technical disciplines. In Australia, civil engineers typically make $105,000 a year, or $53.85 an hour. Starting pay for entry-level positions typically start at $90,000 per year, but salaries for experienced civil engineers can reach $145,000 per year.

Software Engineer Jobs in Demand

The job description for software engineers is tasked with creating and sustaining software engineers. This includes planning, evaluating, fixing, and writing code. The software life cycle method itself is defined, measured, implemented, managed, changed, and improved as one of the approaches they use to direct the software development process. An average software engineer in Australia makes $118,631 a year, or $60.84 an hour. The average starting salary for entry-level roles is $100,000 annually, while the highest-paid, most seasoned software engineers can make up to $162,567 annually.

Chemical engineer Jobs in Demand

Chemical engineers manage numerous challenges related to the production or use of a wide range of products, such as chemicals, fuels, pharmaceuticals, and food, using their knowledge of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics. In Australia, the average compensation for a chemical engineer is $98,675 per year or $50.60 per hour. Entry-level starting salaries typically start at $91,402 per year, while qualified professionals can make up to $120,817 annually.

Environmental engineer Jobs in Demand

Environmental engineers develop practical answers to a variety of environmental problems by combining engineering concepts with knowledge in soil science, biology, and chemistry. Enhancing waste management, increasing public health, and lowering air and water pollution are among their tasks. Australia’s national average wage for environmental engineers is $87,571 annually or $44.91 per hour. Beginning salaries for entry-level jobs are normally around $61,378 annually, while more seasoned professionals can make up to $110,162 annually.

Petroleum engineer Jobs in Demand

Petroleum engineers specialize in developing and putting into practice efficient methods for extracting oil and gas from underneath the surface of the Earth. Additionally, they carry out research and create cutting-edge techniques to extract gas and oil from already-existing wells. Petroleum engineers in Australia make an average of $130,797 per year or $67.08 per hour. While highly skilled professionals can make up to $158,250 per year, entry-level employment typically pays around $115,234 annually.

Production or plant engineer Jobs in Demand

Engineers who work in production or plants are experts who are in charge of managing a factory’s everyday operations. Planning, designing, building, altering, and maintaining the facility’s machinery and equipment are their duties in order to guarantee peak performance. For the seamless operation of the production process, they also collaborate with other departments. A plant engineer in Australia can expect to make $108,637 per year or $55.71 per hour. While highly skilled plant engineers can make up to $127,563 per year, entry-level roles normally start at $100,000.

Industrial engineer Jobs in Demand

Industrial engineers are professionals at examining production processes to cut waste. In order to produce goods or render services, they develop effective systems that combine humans, equipment, supplies, information, and energy. Australia pays its industrial engineers an average annual income of $90,000, or $46.15 per hour. Industrial engineers with the highest levels of experience can make up to $131,971 per year, while entry-level roles typically start at $80,000.

Transport engineer Jobs in Demand

Planning, designing, building, running, and maintaining transportation networks all require the expertise of transportation engineers. They install new technologies, perform research on potential projects, and guarantee the effectiveness and safety of current systems and structures. A transportation engineer in Australia makes, on average, $99,161 per year, or $50.85 per hour. The average salary for entry-level employees is $88,033, while the annual salary for experienced workers can reach $114,948.

Aeronautical engineer Jobs in Demand

Aeronautical engineers are in charge of creating, maintaining, and developing many kinds of transportation vehicles, such as airplanes, helicopters, and missiles. They develop energy-efficient equipment for both space exploration and defence uses by utilizing their knowledge in aviation and technology. Aeronautical engineers in Australia make an average of $96,005 per year or $49.23 per hour. The average salary for entry-level positions is $87,532, while the highest-paid professionals can make up to $133,277 annually.

Quantity surveyor Jobs in Demand

This position’s duties include producing a variety of documents, including reports, contracts, budgets, risk assessments, and analyses. Also, the person in this position offers managers and clients advice on fresh approaches and improvements. They keep an eye on the supplies, reorder them when necessary, document any changes to the design, and then update the budgets to reflect these changes. In Australia, a quantity surveyor can expect to make an average yearly pay of $129,675, or $66.50 per hour. Entry-level jobs typically pay roughly $97,500 per year, while experienced employees can make up to $177,500.

Biomedical engineer Jobs in Demand

A variety of professional options are available to biomedical engineers. They can create and innovate new technologies for use in industry. Also, they can push the boundaries of medically feasible research in academic contexts. Government organizations and biomedical engineers work together to develop medical device safety standards. Australia pays a median annual income of $97,990 ($50.25/hour) for biomedical engineers. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is $84,181, while the maximum annual salary for experienced workers is $127,656.

Nuclear engineer Jobs in Demand

Nuclear engineers focus on the production, control, and handling of nuclear energy, including the safe disposal of nuclear waste. They conduct research and design new reactor systems, as well as develop safety protocols for nuclear material handling and power operation. In Australia, the average salary for a nuclear engineer is $148,268 per year or $71 per hour. Entry-level positions typically offer salaries starting at $103,340 per year, while the most experienced professionals can earn up to $184,773 per year.

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