How To Write Perfect Employment Reference Letter For ACS RPL Reports?

Want to write an effective employment reference  letters? Thinking to prepare RPL reference letter on your own? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here we have listed all the required information required to prepare an reference letter for ACS RPL reports.

Applicants who do not have any ICT degree or insufficient ICT qualification are needed to submit their RPL project report along with their RPL reference letter to the Australian Computer Society. ACS performs a skill assessment of the candidates based on their skills and work experience.

As a result, applicants who would not usually meet the ICT requirements criteria can have skills and capabilities assessed through the RPL reports under the ACS migration skill assessment test.

Learn more about the document checklist for ACS skill assessment.

Guide on writing the perfect employment reference letter for ACS RPL reports

Employment Criteria for ACS Skill Assessment

  1. You may be taken into consideration for a skills evaluation if you work at least 20 hours per week . The work must demonstrate the scope and complexity of your claimed profession. Additionally, your pay should be fair with your degree of competence.
  2. Your unpaid, partially paid, or volunteer work will not be taken into account when determining your skill level.
  3. The professional role required to fulfil the eligibility requirements will not be counted towards skilled employment; only the employment undertaken after the date you satisfied the ACS eligibility criterion will be considered.
  4. Multiple employment experiences for the same time period with various employers: If this is the case, only one employment experience may be asserted. In the case that you submit multiple employment periods, only the one with the greatest result will be chosen, and the rest will be labelled as concurrent employment.
  5. The ICT instruction must take place at a school accredited by the ACS assessment and be at the AQF level or above.
  6. Your working experience will not be regarded as work that you conducted for your thesis. You must present documentation from your company proving the study you’ve conducted that isn’t directly related to your thesis.

What exactly is Employment Reference Letter?

Employment Reference Letter is one of the important parts of the RPL report for non ICT professionals to represent what they have learned through all those years of experiences that are equivalent to an ICT degree. 

The Reference Letter must include all the required detailed information on your educational background, past job history, capability, and skills. When submitting an RPL report, you must include an employment reference letter. ACS is responsible for evaluating your skill assessment. You have to follow all the guidelines provided by ACS.

What is Skilled Employment For RPL Reports?

employment reference letter

An employment opportunity with at least 20 hours per week and payable can be considered for skill evaluation purposes.

The task that will be evaluated must be conducted at the degree of depth and complexity of the job.

The degree of expertise necessary should be reflected in the salary. Please note that unpaid or partially paid leave or volunteer work should not be considered as paid work at the required skill level for a particular occupation.

After fulfilling the Australia Computer Society eligibility requirements, the employment will be recorded as skilled employments and will be eligible for migration points. However, work experience is not considered skill employment and is thus ineligible for migration points.

Reference Letter Sample Format For Employee

The Reference letter sample for employee includes all the required detailed information about your educational qualification, personal experience, abilities, and competence. Applicants have to submit RPL reports with a reference letter from their previous employer. The ACS society will evaluate your RPL reports based on your job history and experiences.

Applicants’ work experience must be a professional and skilled ICT level and related to the chosen job for migration skills assessment to be judged acceptable.

The following are the employment reference letter rule to follow

1.Date of Employment

Candidates have to write the start and end date of their employment period. The date format should be written in a specific DD/MM/YYY format.

2.Position of Job Employment

Candidates have to mention the employment position they were assigned in. Also, details on whom you have worked under must be mentioned in your reference letter.

3.Roles And Responsibilities

All the duties you have accomplished while in the workplace must be clearly mentioned. This should reflect your personal work and how much you have learned till the date.

4.Specify the Workhours

Whether you did a part-time or full-time job during your working period, you should clearly mention the total working hours per week in each of your employment periods.

5.Country Of Employment

You have to make sure you have located the address where the work has been done. You have to submit an organization letterhead signed by an authorized individual.

employment reference letter

How do you submit your RPL reference letter format?

While drafting the online application, must divide employment episodes to indicate “Australian” and international work.

1.Australian Employment

Each duration of Employment inside Australia must be mentioned individually in the online application.

2.Outside Australian Employment

If you have worked for several companies or outside Australia, is divided into Australian Employment Episodes. Each period of employment outside of Australia must be documented separately in the application.

Scenarios of Unacceptable Work Experience.

1.Concurrent Employment

If the applicants complete one employment cycle and another employment period simultaneously, only one employment event is recognized at a moment.

2.Not Closely Relevant to the Nominated ANZSCO Field

The duties mentioned have been accessed as not being associated with the assigned occupation based on the facts provided in the paperwork.

3.Insufficient documentation leads to fails assessment

The provided documentation does not satisfy the requirements of Skill Assessment Guidelines or is insufficient to meet the assessment standard.

4.Not Accessible Due to Insufficient Details

Given documentation does not contain sufficient information for the applicants to make an assessment.

Overview of Perfect Employment Reference Letter For ACS RPL Reports

In conclusion, writing a perfect employment reference letter for ACS RPL reports requires careful attention to detail and a clear understanding of the ACS guidelines. Make sure to highlight your relevant skills, experiences, and achievements in a concise and professional manner. Provide specific examples that demonstrate your expertise in the required areas. Remember to address all the necessary criteria outlined by ACS and showcase your suitability for the desired skills assessment. A well-composed reference letter serves as a bridge between an applicant’s professional history and the ACS competencies, demonstrating their alignment with the required standards. By avoiding vague language, providing concrete examples, and linking achievements to the ICT field, writers can create a robust and persuasive document. Remember to address all the necessary criteria outlined by ACS and showcase your suitability for the desired skills assessment.

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    Q1. What is the purpose of an employment reference letter in an ACS RPL report?
    →An employment reference letter in an ACS RPL report serves as evidence of your work experience and skills. It is used to support your claims and provide credibility to your RPL application.

    Q2. Who should write the employment reference letter?
    →Your previous employer or supervisor should write the employment reference letter for your ACS RPL report.

    Q3. What information should be included in the reference letter?
    →The employment reference letter should include information about your job title, responsibilities, duration of employment, specific projects or tasks you worked on, and your skills and abilities demonstrated during your employment. It should also highlight any notable achievements or contributions you made to the organization.

    Q4. Can the reference letter be generic or should it be tailored to ACS requirements?
    →The reference letter should be tailored to the ACS requirements and provide specific details about your skills and experience relevant to the nominated occupation. It’s important to highlight how your work aligns with the specific criteria outlined by ACS in the RPL guidelines.

    Q5. Is there a specific format or template to follow for the reference letter?
    There isn’t a specific format or template provided by ACS for the reference letter. However, it should be a formal document on company letterhead, signed by the employer or supervisor. It should include the necessary information mentioned earlier and be written in a professional and concise manner.

    Q6. How should the employment reference letter be submitted?
    →The employment reference letter should be submitted as part of your ACS RPL application. It can be uploaded as a separate document or included in the supporting documents section. Make sure to follow the specific submission guidelines provided by ACS.

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