How to prepare CPD Statement Samples For Engineers Australia

Along with different online media platform to record your CPD statement record, Engineers Australia also provide you a manual statement recording system for the engineers where you can record and maintain your CPD record for Engineer Australia Assessment on your own. Consider the following continuing professional template to record provided by Engineers Australia.

Want continuing professional development sample for engineers Australia? We know how difficult it is to prepared CPD statement on your own without any reference. So here we are!! We have listed all the necessary requirement you need to prepare your CPD statement record. Engineers Australia wants their member to conduct and prepare continuing professional development record that helps you to expand your knowledge, maintain up-to-date technical skills, and upgrade your engineering career.

As a professional and skilled engineer, one has to understand the value of lifelong learning, and how it can create a difference in your career. CPD gives you a pathway to do that. It provides you an opportunity to update your skills and showcase your competencies to your employees as well as Engineers Australia.

How to prepare CPD Statement Samples For Engineers Australia

Components of Continuing Professional Development Statement

There are four major components of continuing professional development statement described by Engineers Australia Standard

1. Personal Dedication
The personal Dedication section describes how to behave ethically and be accountable for your engineering efforts

2.Community Obligation

This component describes how you participate in group activities, manage risk and develop long-term solutions.

3.Workplace Value

This component shows your capacity to be actively involved in your workplace, decision-making, and collaboration abilities.

4.Technical Expertise

This component describes how you demonstrate your engineering skills, creativity, and expertise.

Basic Continuing Professional Development requirement

Over the past three years, the applicants should have reached at least 150 hours. And applicants must have the labor hours according to the pattern below out of 150 hours.

  • At least 50 hours must relate to your area of expertise.
  • At least 10 hours must cover an area of the management process.
  • At least 15 hours must address company and skills of management
  • The remainder must cover the applicant’s action during their career.

Continuing Professional Development Types and Examples

Engineers Australia specifies CPD requirements that every applicant should follow while preparing a CPD statement. It has defined 8 types of CPD activities and the number of hours acquired with each.

1. Any tertiary course that has been taken by engineer either as an individual course or for a formal post-graduate award.


  • Study you have taken may be either on-campus or by distance education
  • All such courses activities should involve some form of skill assessment test.

2. Short courses, seminars, workshops, discussion groups, conferences, and technical meetings.


  • Technical meeting including Engineers Australia presentation.
  • Seminars and Workshops are delivered by third-party practitioners in their field.

3. Learning activities in the workshop that extend competence in the area of


4. Private study that extends your knowledge and skills


  • Private study that mentioned the reading of books, journals, transactions, manuals, etc.
  • This information needs to be recorded after you have read the article for audit purposes.

5. Community Engagement representing the engineering team


Service to the engineering profession may include

  • Serving as a volunteer in engineering profession on boards and committees
  • Being a panel member on tertiary course certified visits.
  • Being an interviewer a charted status assessment panels.
  • Reviewing technical publication prior to publication.

6. The preparation and presentation of material for courses, and seminars

7. Any other structured activities not covered by A to F above that meet the CPD objectives policy.

8. NER registrants might claim a credit for 10 hours if they work in a firm that has a third-party management system in place which compliant with.

How to prepare a CPD statement record?

cpd record 2
Fig 2: CPD Record Template for CPD Type
CPD record template 1
Fig 1: CPD Record Template

What is continuing professional development (CPD) statement?

CPD is a collection of concepts, skills, ideas, and techniques for managing your learning and development. CPD Statement is everything that allows you to broaden your knowledge, maintain correct specialized abilities, and helps to improve your engineering career.

Support for continuing professional development statement activities might also help you to expand your professional networks and contacts. While preparing a CPD statement, it should be unique to you, no matter where you are in your career or what you aim to accomplish.

If you want to prepare your CPD statement on your own, then here are some tips and techniques we have mentioned that will help you to record and maintain your record.

Overview of CPD Statement Samples For Engineers Australia

In conclusion, crafting an effective Continuing Professional Development (CPD) statement for Engineers Australia is a critical step for professionals seeking recognition and growth in their engineering careers. The CPD statement serves as a comprehensive record of one’s ongoing learning, experiences, and contributions within the field.  By carefully documenting your professional development activities and showcasing your commitment to continuous learning, you can demonstrate your expertise and dedication to the engineering field. 

Remember to tailor your CPD statement to highlight your specific achievements and contributions.  A well-prepared CPD statement showcases a dedication to professional development, setting a foundation for continuous improvement and success within the engineering industry. As engineers continue to advance their knowledge and skills through thoughtful CPD statements, they not only fulfill the requirements of Engineers Australia but also contribute to the overall advancement of the engineering profession.


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Q. What are some common CPD activities that gets counted in CDR?

Common CPD activities to enhance your career are:

  • Attending different conferences and workshops
  • Taking online courses and participating in hack-a-thons
  • Reading professional journals, articles and research papers
  • Writing technical/research articles
  • Volunteering with engineering organizations
  • Mentoring junior engineers and/or team management

Q. How do I track my CPD activities?

There are a number of ways to track your CPD activities. The most easiest way is to use a template provided by Engineers Australia. Another way is to make a spreadsheet or journal by own, or use an online CPD tracker. 

Q. Where can I get CPD Sample Papers?

You can get CPD sample papers from various sources, such as: professional associations, online forums, and even your own employer (if you are working in Australia). Your employer might have past sample papers. Some government associations, such as Engineers Australia, also offer CPD sample papers on their website.