ACS Skill Assessment Guidelines

What is ACS skill assessment?

ACS(Australian Computer Society) evaluates your ICT-related abilities, expertise, and professional experience. You must carefully follow the ACS skill assessment guideline for Australia if you’re interested in moving to Australia under the “skilled” category. 

Following are the steps you need to follow for ACS Skill Assessment Guidelines:

1. Know the Criteria of the Department of Home Affairs

Before submitting your skills assessment for Australia, you must certify that you meet the requirements of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Check that you understand the specifics of your visa requirements, or seek guidance from MARA-registered firms in Chandigarh or West Highlander for ACS skills evaluation.

IT specialists have several job opportunities in Australia, and demand is rising faster than in other industries. All industries need IT skills, especially the big companies. Large companies offer the greatest steady jobs with constant hours. If you want greater flexibility, work for an IT firm or start your own.

2. Select proper ANZSCO code

Before selecting an ANZSCO code, one must read the description of job responsibilities for that code, which includes the description of the linked occupation, tasks to be performed, and required skill level. When selecting an ANZSCO code for the ACS RPL Application, ensure that your credentials and work experience closely align with and precisely match the ANZSCO code in question.

Read the work responsibilities for the most relevant ANZSCO Codes on the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ANZSCO Search) and Australian Computer Society (ICT ANZSCO List) websites. The ACS RPL report must now follow the ANZSCO Code you chose.

3. Fill up the application form

  • Complete the application and upload all of your required documents in verified PDF form.
  • Combine all pages for the input of each qualification and employment into a single PDF document.
  • The papers must be scanned at a low resolution no greater than 200 DPI.
  • Each PDF can be uploaded up to 3MB in total.
  • Don’t transmit the read-only file and avoid password-protecting your PDF files.

Your assessment result letter, which you may submit to the Department of Home Affairs as proof of your migration skills assessment, will be included in an email you receive from ACS.

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