Reasons Behind ACS RPL Report Rejection

acs rpl report

If you are an engineer looking for skilled migration in Australia, then you must be aware about the ACS RPL report. The ACS or Australian Computer Society takes skill assessment to select skilled applicant for migration.

Candidate who are applying for skilled assessment by ACS have to submit RPL report for evaluation. The RPL or Recognition Prior Learning report is a report submitted to ACS by those who wish to immigrate to Australia and pursue a job in ICT but do not have an ICT degree or come from a comparable sector.

The RPL report or ACS skill Assessment is intended to provide candidates the chance to show that they have learned a comparable amount of information without obtaining an ICT credential.

Since we are now familiar with RPL report, is it common for RPL report to be rejected? Even if you have written RPL report carefully, there is still chance of your RPL getting rejected. According to ACS, individuals must acquire certain skills before migrating to Australia.

RPL assesses past learning to establish credit results for a specific need (including formal, informal, and non-formal learning). Candidates must have specified talents and fulfil certain qualifying criteria. As a result, before requesting an ACS skill assessment, the applicant must complete the RPL report.

RPL rejection is quite frequent because the ACS rejects hundreds of RPL report each year for several reasons. During the evaluation of RPL reports, the Australian Computer Society considers variety of factors and recommendations such as being 100 percent unique and original, having relevant work experience and specialized certifications, having ANZSCO code for specific occupation and so on.

Most Common Reason Behind rejection of ACS RPL report

Plagiarized ACS RPL report

Before preparing RPL report, it is good if you study the sample report available online. The data, documents and content found on internet are provided exclusively for educational purposes.  Australian Computer Society doesn’t tolerate a plagiarized report. Sample document should only be used as guides to take reference. Every word in your report should be original.

It is better to not step back while preparing report unique and distinctive. Many people uses different website to receive sample report and copy the complete sample and sends to ACS. Those RPL report are just provided as an example to help you in preparing your own PRL report.

If ACS finds any report being copied from the sample, your report will be rejected immediately. They use advanced plagiarism detection algorithms to detect if the RPL report is plagiarized or not.

In order to prepare a plagiarism free Recognition Prior Learning report, you have to focus on research and use the sample available online. You can also use different apps like Grammarly and  Turnitin to check grammar and plagiarism in your RPL report.

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Insufficient Work Experience

Many applicant are quite confused about this particular topic. ACS has various criteria regarding level of skill required. There is a gap between employment skill evaluation before and after qualification. To be eligible for skilled migration, you must first have a specified number of years of work experience.

The work experience that meets suitable criteria is considered skilled employment and is qualified for skilled migration. If the overall work experience does not satisfy the official qualifying standards, your RPL report will be rejected or marked as “Not suitable due to lack of experience”.

As a result, it is crucial to know the ACS skill evaluation method and scoring system before submitting for skill assessment. It is recommended to have relevant job experience before applying for an ACS skill evaluation.

Irrelevant Job Description

RPL assessment is the evaluation of your skill, abilities and knowledge as well as your contribution in your chosen field of activity. Thus, it is better to provide all of the details about your jobs and responsibility you held during your employment.

You have to complete 65% of the activities mentioned on your RPL report and experience letter. If the post you apply for does not meet the job description your RPL will be declined. As a result, applicant have to show certain job related skills.

Unsuitable Work Experience

  1. Concurrent Employment : When one job term is completed simultaneously with another employment period. At any one moment, only one episode of employment can be accepted.
  1. Not related to Nominated ANZSCO: The responsibilities have been judged as not being closely connected to the nominated occupation based on the information provided in the paperwork.
  1. Not Accessible due to insufficient documentation: The provided documentation does not fulfil the standards of the Skills Assessment Guidelines or is insufficient to meet our assessment criteria.
  1. Not accessible due to insufficient details : The paperwork given does not offer enough information for us to make an evaluation.

As a result, you should be more concerned about the issues and challenges. You should not take these tiny details carelessly because slight errors might lead to RPL rejection. So be cautious when completing RPL Reports and submitting to ACS.

Different factors of RPL report rejection

If your RPL report has any mistakes or does not match the qualification standards for the ACS RPL report, it will be rejected. When developing and submitting professional tasks, be careful.

Let’s get this project started. We regret to inform you that your RPL report was rejected by the Australian Computer Society. Don’t worry; we’ll explain in full why ACS rejected your RPL Report.

Our expert have researched and studied the reasons behind rejection of ACS RPL report . According to its results, those who do not follow processes or are not aware of ACS regulations/rules may face RPL rejection by the ACS.

Those who did not use appropriate projects while writing their ACS RPL report were rejected by the Australian Computer Society, whereas those who hired Recognition Prior Learning report writers were successful. That’s not to say you shouldn’t send the authors your RPL report; however, you’ll need to perform some study on the ACS RPL Report’s requirements, guidelines, and constraints in order to do so.

Overview of Reasons Behind ACS RPL Report Rejection

The conclusion regarding the reasons behind ACS RPL report rejection is that it is crucial to thoroughly understand the requirements and guidelines set by ACS. It is important to provide accurate and detailed information in your RPL report, ensuring that it aligns with the specific ICT skills and competencies outlined by ACS. Additionally, it is essential to avoid any plagiarism, provide authentic evidence, and present your work experience and achievements in a clear and concise manner.  Moreover, seeking feedback and professional assistance when necessary can provide invaluable insights and guidance, aiding in the refinement of the RPL submission. By adhering to these guidelines, you can increase your chances of a successful ACS RPL report submission.

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Q1. Why was my ACS RPL report rejected?
→Rejections can occur due to various reasons such as inadequate project descriptions, plagiarism, lack of relevant evidence, or not meeting the required criteria. It’s crucial to thoroughly review the ACS guidelines and tailor your report accordingly.

Q2. What should I do if my ACS RPL report gets rejected?
→If your ACS RPL report gets rejected, don’t worry! You can review the feedback provided by ACS and make the necessary improvements. Address any issues raised, revise your report accordingly, and resubmit it for evaluation. It’s important to carefully follow the guidelines and ensure that your report meets all the requirements. 

Q3. How can I avoid plagiarism in my ACS RPL report?
→To avoid plagiarism in your ACS RPL report, make sure to properly cite and reference any sources you use. Use quotation marks for direct quotes and paraphrase information in your own words while giving credit to the original source. Additionally, use plagiarism detection tools to check your report before submission. It’s important to maintain the integrity of your work and adhere to ethical writing practices.

Q4. Is it necessary to include all my work experience in the report?
→It is not necessary to include all your work experience in the ACS RPL report. You should focus on including the most relevant and significant work experience that aligns with the skills and knowledge required by the ACS. Highlighting experiences that demonstrate your proficiency in the desired areas will strengthen your report.

Q5. Can I reapply after a rejection?
→Yes, you can reapply after a rejection. Carefully review the feedback provided and make the necessary improvements before resubmitting your RPL report.

Q6. Are there any specific formatting guidelines for the ACS RPL report?
→Yes, there are specific formatting guidelines for the ACS RPL report. It is important to carefully follow these guidelines to ensure that your report is structured and presented correctly. The ACS provides detailed instructions on formatting, including font style, spacing, headings, and document organization. Make sure to review and adhere to these guidelines for a successful submission.

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